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Published on January 7th, 2024 | by Alberto Krinsky


Today: Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris

As we celebrate the new year, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, a revered spiritual leader, teacher, and philanthropist, extends a special invitation to embark on a profound spiritual journey in 2024.

More than a series of events, this journey is a transformative experience that aims to renew spirits, deepen connections with the divine, and set the stage for a spiritually fulfilling year.

Navigating 2024 with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Central to this spiritual journey is the January Global Communion Service, a special occasion scheduled for January 7th at 3 PM GMT +1. 

Pastor Chris, a guiding light for millions worldwide, will lead this service, creating a sacred space for collective reflection, spiritual communion, and divine inspiration.

This monthly Global Communion Service comes shortly after the year 2024 was declared “The Year of Redemption.”

Pastor Chris encourages believers to immerse themselves in this theme, allowing it to permeate every aspect of their lives.

“This is the year that’ll bring tremendous changes. Make claims on the true blessings of Christ; make claims on what He gave you”: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Where and How: Connect to Pastor Chris’s Global Communion Service

Pastor Chris’s commitment to accessibility transforms this spiritual journey into a global phenomenon.

Using technology, the Christ Embassy platform and the LiveTV Mobile App become portals through which people globally can connect, learn, and assimilate profound spiritual truths with ease.

Major Events Coming Up

Following the January Global Communion Service, two significant events promise to be landmarks in this spiritual expedition:

Your LoveWorld Specials Season 8 Phase 4 (January 10th, 7:00 PM GMT +1):

Beyond a single event, this marks the commencement of a spiritual season.

Pastor Chris will guide participants through teachings that transcend the ordinary, offering profound insights and a deeper understanding of spiritual truths.

Inspiring revelations from Past Your LoveWorld Specials:

  • “The leaders who condemned Jesus to death, including those who crucified Him, have the greater offense. Righteous men are condemned to death by them. It is all because they do not know what they are doing.”
  • “My years have come and gone, and I have been blessed with divine health. In every fiber of my being, in every cell of my blood, and in every bone of my body, there is eternal life.”
  • “If you are born of the word of God, you should be the word of God since you are the offspring of the word.”
  • “By the power of God. God is showing you a greater way to live and better opportunities. God will give your ideas.”
  • “I am thankful that the Lord gave us the insight of the Spirit to His word, to His truth. I cannot stress enough how important this is.”
  • “With this kind of understanding, we should be grateful that we have the Holy Spirit. Think about the words of Jesus when he said.”
  • “We are the living epistles of Christ. We are the word of God in the flesh today.”

 Praise Night with Pastor Chris (January 21st, 3:00 PM GMT +1):

Imagine a night steeped in celebration and faith.

Praise Night is not just an event; it is an experience of uplifting music, heartfelt worship, and a transcendent connection with the divine.

Under the leadership of Pastor Chris, it promises to be a night of spiritual revelation.

In previous Praise Night Services, Pastor Chris declared:

“When we praise God, we are positioned where we ought to be.”

“Praise is a form of worship. Offering sacrifices of praise produces power! All your needs are met through the active power of God’s glory working inside you”.

Remember that your praise to God must have meaning.”

Pastor Chris’s Influence

Reverend Chris Oyakhilome’s impact extends well beyond the marked events of the spiritual calendar. 

His teachings, known for their clarity and profound depth, have impacted millions worldwide.

However, his positive effect isn’t limited to preaching; it also includes significant charitable efforts like the InnerCity Mission and the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International.

Pastor Chris views spirituality as a holistic concept, incorporating love, kindness, and transformative actions that bring about significant changes in people’s lives on a larger scale.

Calendar Events with Pastor Chris

These events are not just entries on a calendar; they represent moments in a transformative journey of spiritual growth. 

Pastor Chris encourages believers to mark these dates on their calendars, share the news, and prepare for a season of spiritual transformation.

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