Events Pastor Chris Declares September: A Divine 'Month of Harvest'

Published on May 17th, 2023 | by Alberto Krinsky


Pastor Chris’ Your LoveWorld Specials kicks off

Today, Wednesday, May 17th, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome hosts season 7 phase 4 of the Your LoveWorld Specials.

The event will be broadcasted live on all the LoveWorld networks, including the Live TV App, CeFlix, Alpha TV, designated ministry websites and various social media platforms.

The much-awaited program will be streamed globally from Wednesday, May 17th, to Friday, May 19th, at 7 PM GMT+1 daily.

Insights from previous Your LoveWorld Specials

In the previous installation of the Your LoveWorld Specials, which took place in April, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome shared some remarkable words of wisdom on the current global climate through the story of Jesus.

“The leaders who condemned Jesus to death, including those who crucified Him, have the greater offense. Righteous men are condemned to death by them. It is all because they do not know what they are doing,” the pastor said.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome asked how many leaders and state officials worldwide do not know what they are doing. In response, he said they are ultimately the ones who need the forgiveness of God.

“Think about nations destroying their future by borrowing money they cannot repay. Essentially, those actions did not pay back in dividends but made things much worse for everyone involved,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome stated.

Then the pastor went on to remind people to ask themselves what Jesus would do at that particular time.

“Once you hear that answer from within, from the Spirit, follow that calling,” he said.

Pastor Chris: Christianity is the unveiling of Christ in you

Many times before, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome explained how to align oneself with Jesus Christ and with Christianity as a whole.

“Christianity is the unveiling of Christ in you. This means that your life as a Christian should be such that the steps you take and the things you do are the outworkings of the Word of God,” he said.

“That is how Jesus lived when He walked the earth. It even mentions so in John 1:14, ‘And the word became flesh and dwelt among us…,’” the pastor added.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome then explained that Jesus was the manifestation of God; the express image of His person.

“Now that you are in Christ, you are the express image of Christ. You are Christ alive in your world today,” he said.

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