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Events Pastor Chris to host the first Praise Night of 2024

Published on January 12th, 2024 | by Alberto Krinsky


Pastor Chris to host the first Praise Night of 2024

In the spiritual journey of believers, one event shines brightly as a moment of joy, worship, and divine connection: Praise Night with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


Scheduled for January 21, 2024, at 3:00 PM GMT +1, this highly anticipated occasion promises an evening of heartfelt praise, transformative teachings, and inspirational moments. 


As believers eagerly await this sacred gathering, let’s delve into the heart of Praise Night, unraveling its insights, lessons, and the profound impact it has had on the global LoveWorld community.

Pastor Chris’s Insights on Praise

Mark your calendars for a special celebration as Praise Night with Pastor Chris returns. 


This event is not just a date on the calendar; it is a sacred time for divine joy and upliftment. 


Believers worldwide are gearing up to join this global experience through the live broadcast on the Christ Embassy platform and LoveWorld Networks.


Praise Night, guided by Pastor Chris, goes beyond ordinary worship events. 


It is a spiritual feast where believers unite in melodic worship, creating a powerful current of spiritual energy that fosters unity, faith, and a strong connection with the divine.


Insights from Previous Praise Nights led by Pastor Chris: 

Praise Night is not just about singing and dancing; it is a profound teaching on the spirit of praise. 


Pastor Chris shares insightful sermons, urging believers to discern between honoring God and celebrating men. 


Praising God involves glorifying Him, expressing gratitude, and offering thanksgiving. Celebrating men involves joy, applause, and dance. 


“When we honor God, we say that we glorify God. When we celebrate men, we do not say that we celebrate them. The terms are different. So, we can dance in celebration of men. We can clap, applaud in celebration of men. So, in a sense, what you are doing is that you are praising them for what they have done or represented. So, you are praising them in a sense. But when you praise God, you do not, say the same things. You offer thanksgiving,” 


“You do not dance to God the way that you dance to men. It is not the same. You can dance to men in celebrating them. You can applaud them. You do not applaud God.” Pastor Chris declared.


This distinction, Pastor Chris emphasizes, is crucial in our spiritual journey.


Beyond Melodies in Praise Night


Praise Night is not confined to musical notes. It goes beyond songs into the words believers speak. 


Pastor Chris encourages believers to prepare words of praise, expressing gratitude and appreciation to God. 


The study of the Word of God, according to Pastor Chris, provides the necessary material for profound and effective praise.


“When you meet in your cells, in your larger groups, and in the church, learn to praise God. Sometimes, praising God is not necessarily in a song. It is in the words that you speak. You prepare your words of praise to praise Him; prepare what you’re going to say to God to praise. You honor Him with your lips but from your heart — a heart that’s full of appreciation, thanksgiving.” Pastor Chris declared at previous Praise Night Services.


The 14th Edition: A Festivity of Faith and Unity


Each edition of Praise Night is a unique celebration of faith, unity, and spiritual elevation. 


In the 14th edition, Pastor Chris emphasized the importance of praising God in alignment with His words and will. 


LoveWorld members worldwide joined in this celebration, marking it as an unforgettable moment of faith and communal bond.


Transformative Prayers


Praise Night is more than a musical extravaganza; it is a gateway to spiritual transformation.


Pastor Chris, in his impactful sermon, initiated a powerful prayer for those unfamiliar with the Lord. 


The LoveWorld choir’s soul-stirring rendition of “Arise Now” set the stage for this moment of salvation. 


Pastor Chris guided believers to confess their faith in Jesus Christ, leading to a profound spiritual rebirth. 


This transformative prayer, as Pastor Chris assured, invites God’s salvation, transforming individuals into cherished children of God.

Preparing for Praise Night 2024

As Praise Night with Pastor Chris approaches in 2024, believers are urged to anticipate an enriching experience of worship, teachings, and divine moments. 


The message is clear: spread the word, invite others, and partake in this global celebration of faith and salvation. 


The crescendo of praise awaits, echoing through the hearts of believers around the world. 


The invitation is extended to all who seek a deeper connection with the divine: Praise Night with Pastor Chris is a sacred journey of spiritual elevation and joyous communion.


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