Events Pastor Chris declares November as the "Month of Increase"

Published on August 23rd, 2023 | by Alberto Krinsky


Praise night with Pastor Chris

Get ready for another exciting Praise Night Service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. It is a time for singing, listening to the Word, and feeling inspired.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the man behind LoveWorld Incorporated, also known as Christ Embassy, is preparing to host his renowned Praise Night Service.

After proclaiming August as the Month of Dominion during the Global Communion Service, Pastor Chris explained that the upcoming Praise Night will teach us about absolute praise and worship. 

This event will be broadcasted live on LoveWorld Networks and various platforms, scheduled for Sunday, September 10th, at 3 pm [GMT+1].

“When we praise God, we are positioned where we ought to be,” he declared.

“Praise is a form of worship. Offering sacrifices of praise produces power! All your needs are met through the active power of God’s glory working inside you”. Pastor Chris added.

Lessons from Pastor Chris’ Praise Nights

In previous Praise Night Services, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome encouraged participants to raise their hands in worship, honoring God. He also guided them in expressing genuine gratitude from their hearts.

During one sermon segment, Pastor Chris told the LoveWorld congregation about the difference between honoring God and celebrating humans.

He explained that while celebrating people involves actions like dancing, the terms differ from praising God. When praising God, it’s about offering thanks and expressing gratitude for His divine nature and blessings.

“When we honor God, we say that we glorify God. When we celebrate men, we do not say that we celebrate them. The terms are different. So, we can dance in celebration of men. We can clap, applaud in celebration of men. So, in a sense, what you are doing is that you are praising them for what they have done or represented. So, you are praising them in a sense. But when you praise God, you do not, say the same things. You offer thanksgiving”. He stated.

He then went on to explain the importance of praising God through music and the spoken Word.

“When you meet in your cells, in your larger groups, and in the church, learn to praise God. Sometimes, praising God is not necessarily in a song. It is in the words that you speak. You prepare your words of praise to praise Him; prepare what you’re going to say to God to praise. You honor Him with your lips but from your heart — a heart that’s full of appreciation, thanksgiving.”

“Remember that your praise to God must have meaning”

The Man of God explained that genuine praise is more than just words. He explained, saying:

“Some people say they are praising God, and all they say is, ‘Lord, I praise you.’ But the truth is that they have not praised Him”.

In previous editions of these praise programs, we have been inspired by The LoveWorld Singers, also known as the LoveWorld choir. 

They lead us in a truly wonderful, heartfelt worship and praise session devoted to God. They have also guided the global congregation in singing the song ‘Oh Wise God’ unto the Lord.

During Praise Night, we celebrate, demonstrating our respect for the Lord. We share our praise and thanksgiving, expressing our gratitude to His name through various songs.

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