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Published on June 30th, 2024 | by Alberto Krinsky


Victory Through Prayer: Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris

This weekend marked the 18th edition of the Global Day of Prayer, a significant event led by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. This prayer marathon brought together millions of believers from around the world. Aiming to align nations with God’s will and bring about global restoration.

The event kicked off at 6 pm GMT+1 on Friday, June 28th, and continued through Saturday, June 29th, spanning over 24 hours of fervent prayer.

Believers participated via LoveWorld Networks, terrestrial TV stations, radio stations, and various internet platforms, ensuring that language barriers were broken down with translations in multiple languages.

A Call to Persistent Prayer

Pastor Chris emphasized the Church’s role in maintaining victory through prayer, as global challenges intensify. The need for unified and intense prayer becomes even more critical.

He encouraged believers to seize the opportunity to join this prayer expedition, highlighting the power of collective prayer in exposing the works of darkness and promoting the light of God’s Word across nations.

During his address, Pastor Chris reminded the global audience of the victories achieved since the inception of the Global Day of Prayer. He also stressed the necessity of intensifying prayers to counter the persistent onslaughts of the devil against nations. The unity of the Church, he noted, is crucial in these times, as it stands as a powerful force against all evil.

Special Guest Benny Hinn: Only While We Pray We Live

Adding to the significance of the event was the presence of special guest Benny Hinn. Known for his dynamic healing ministry, Benny Hinn joined Pastor Chris in leading the global congregation in prayer. Together, they prayed for the alignment and restoration of nations, countries, states, and cities to God’s divine purpose.

During his speech, Pastor Benny Hinn emphasized that “as long as we live as believers, we should pray. Because only while we pray do we live.”

Benny Hinn’s presence highlighted the event’s theme of unity and collaboration within the Body of Christ. His prayers and insights provided additional spiritual depth, inspiring participants to remain steadfast in their faith and commitment to prayer.

Impacting Lives Worldwide

The 18th edition of the Global Day of Prayer was a profound experience for all who took part. Testimonies of healing, deliverance, and breakthroughs poured in from participants worldwide. Many shared their experiences on social media, expressing how the event had reignited their faith and strengthened their resolve to live according to God’s will.

Pastor Chris’ teachings during the event were particularly impactful. He spoke about the Church’s responsibility to preserve the earth and lead many to righteousness. By aligning with God’s perfect will through prayer, believers can thwart the enemy’s plans and usher in a new era of spiritual awakening and revival.

As believers continue to pray and intercede for the world, the light of God’s Word will prevail, bringing hope, healing, and transformation to all corners of the globe. The Global Day of Prayer has once again proven that when the Church unites in prayer, the impossible becomes possible, and the will of God is manifested on earth.

Stay Connected

For those who participated and for those who couldn’t join live, you can stay connected to LoveWorld News through its various platforms, which provide continuous updates and exclusive content from the event. The LoveWorld News SuperUser live story on KingsChat and the LoveWorld News TV channel on CeFlix ensured that everyone could stay informed and inspired.

Upcoming International Youth Conference 2024 with Pastor Chris

As we close the weekend after the powerful Global Day of Prayer, the LoveWorld community is eagerly preparing for the upcoming International Youth Conference, happening next weekend from Friday, 5th – Saturday, July 6th, 2024 (3 pm GMT+1).

The International Youth Conference with Pastor Chris promises to ignite change in the lives of millions of youths. Every word spoken by our dear man of God will empower young people worldwide to embrace their destiny and make a lasting impact on the future.

Pastor Chris will offer deep insights and divine wisdom to enhance your spiritual journey.

Register now and save your spot here:

As we anticipate this remarkable gathering, the LoveWorld community’s spirit of unity and purpose continues to strengthen.

This is your opportunity to join a transformative event that will ignite your passion, strengthen your faith, and prepare you to make an incredible impact!

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