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Join Pastor Chris for June Global Day of Prayer 

From Friday, June 28th to Saturday, June 29th, 2024, Christians worldwide will unite in prayer led by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.  

This special event will be broadcast on LoveWorld Networks, radio stations, and other platforms, bringing believers together for a powerful time of intercession and fellowship. 

What is the June Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris? 

Pastor Chris will guide this event, providing an opportunity to speak words into the spiritual world, impacting nations and situations globally. 

He encourages everyone to get involved, reach out to others, and ensure no one is left out. 

 “This is the time to get everyone involved, reach out to those you have contact with, and enlist them to participate in this life-changing meeting in this glorious year 2024,” he said. 

The Global Day of Prayer It is a no-one-left-out meeting, and everyone is encouraged to participate. 

What are Pastor Chris’s insights on prayer? 

Pastor Chris frequently emphasizes the meaning of sustained prayer.  

“If you pray briefly, you may not sustain the glory, or it could fizzle out. To sustain the effect and the impact of the glory, you must give yourself to prayer – praying in the Spirit,” he shared. 

During a previous Global Day of Prayer, Pastor Chris provided a deeper understanding of prayer.  

He explained, “Our praying is not a religious ritual or obligation. It’s much more than that. It’s based on a relationship. It’s a living relationship with a living God who called us to pray with the intent of answering. And so, when we pray to God, we know that He hears us, and He answers. So that makes our prayer time a very special time: a time of fellowship, the Holy Spirit, and the time of working together with Him to advance His cause on the Earth.” 

What is the immediate impact of prayer according to Pastor Chris? 

Focusing on the immediate impact of prayer, Pastor Chris said, “When we pray, we feel the impact immediately. Praying is vital for various reasons, but one of them is it makes you stronger and gives you moral support.”  

He added, “You know nothing is good as praying because you see when you pray, you move heavenly powers, angels respond, demons tremble. Our prayers are not empty.” 

Why should believers participate in the Global Day of Prayer? 

Speaking about the Global Day of Prayer during a previous Global Communion Service, Pastor Chris urged every Christian to participate.  

“It will be a time to apply the knowledge of God’s Word you received over the past weeks of ‘Your LoveWorld’ broadcast to effect changes in your world,” he told the global audience. 

How Does Pastor Chris Lead with Faith on His Journey?  

Christ Embassy, also known as LoveWorld Incorporated, is an international Christian organization founded by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.  

This dynamic ministry spreads the message of God’s love and the power of the Holy Spirit across several countries worldwide. 

Pastor Chris’s teachings focus on applying the Bible’s principles to daily life, using prayer as a powerful tool to effect change and establish God’s will on earth.  

One of Pastor Chris’s significant contributions is the daily devotional Rhapsody of Realities, which offers daily teachings, reflections, and prayers.  

Translated into hundreds of languages, it inspires and guides believers in their spiritual journey, helping them meditate on the Word of God and apply biblical principles in their lives. 

Pastor Chris encourages the use of Rhapsody of Realities as a essential part of spiritual growth, creating a consistent prayer life and deeper understanding of God’s Word.  

How successful were previous Global Days of Prayer? 

The first edition of the Global Day of Prayer, held on March 27th, recorded global participation of over 3 billion people.  

Tremendous testimonies on the impact of the program were recorded. As the next event approaches, expectations are high for even greater participation and impact. 

The Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris is a powerful opportunity for believers worldwide to unite in prayer, effecting change and advancing God’s kingdom.  

Mark your calendars and ensure everyone around you participates in this life-changing event.  

Join Pastor Chris and the global LoveWorld community in a dedicated time of prayer, expecting extraordinary manifestations of God’s glory and power. 



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