Events Your LoveWorld Praise-A-Thon with Pastors Chris and Benny

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Your LoveWorld Praise-A-Thon with Pastors Chris and Benny

Prepare for an incredible experience as the remarkable Your LoveWorld Praise-a-thon with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn returns!

This extraordinary event will air from Monday, March 25th, to Friday, March 29th, reaching millions worldwide through LoveWorld Networks, the LoveWorld News TV channel on Ceflix, the LoveWorld News TV SuperUser Live Story on KingsChat, and other online platforms.

As the first event of the Year of Redemption, countless anticipate receiving divine guidance and blessings through the teachings of God’s chosen ministers.

With high expectations, participants can be confident that this special five-day spiritual event will profoundly and comprehensively reveal God’s extraordinary power.

Joining Forces for Spiritual Transformation

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, President of LoveWorld Inc., and globally acclaimed Healing Evangelist Pastor Benny Hinn will join forces with other esteemed ministers of the Gospel, such as Bishop Clarence McClendon, Dr. Mike Smalley, and Evang. John Avanzini, Pastor Dan Willis, and Bishop James Payne.

United, these experienced ministers will lead the global audience on an unforgettable journey, promising a transformative experience that will elevate them to new levels of spiritual glory. 

This revolutionary event is one not to be missed.

In anticipation of this week-long event, Pastor Chris encourages everyone to participate, emphasizing that the profound insights and revelations shared by God’s Generals during such programs have the power to transform lives. 

Get ready to be uplifted, inspired, and blessed beyond measure as you join the Your LoveWorld Praise-a-thon with pastors Chris and Benny Hinn.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Global Impact

Furthermore, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the visionary leader behind LoveWorld Inc., ‘s mission resonates deeply with this Praise-a-thon. 

Pastor Chris is dedicated to spreading love, hope, and redemption to people worldwide through his ministry. 

He aims to provide believers with the wisdom and insight of God’s teachings, enabling them to lead triumphant lives and positively impact their communities.

The Your LoveWorld Praise-a-Thon is a powerful platform to fulfill this mission, reaching millions of souls with the Gospel’s transformative power.

Upcoming event: 17th Edition of Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris

Prepare for a mighty prayer marathon as the 17th edition of the Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris sets to airwaves from Friday, March 29th through Saturday, March 30th. 

This 24-hour prayer event will be broadcast live to a global audience across all continents via LoveWorld Networks, terrestrial TV stations, radio stations, and various internet platforms in multiple language translations.

Since its inception, the Global Day of Prayer has brought remarkable positive changes worldwide. 

The strong messages of faith and passionate prayers have successfully stopped harmful plans against nations by evil forces.

Pastor Chris’ Lessons from the Global Day of Prayer

During the Global Day of Prayer in June 2020, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome imparted invaluable insights to his followers, urging them to apply the lessons learned during earlier months of prayer. 

Pastor Chris emphasized the event’s significance at the opening ceremony, stating, “Today will be even more significant. The first was to initiate what we wanted to do, and now it is a whole day—24 hours.”

For a continuous 24 hours, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn led powerful prayer sessions at Christ Embassy, underscoring the importance of prayer in believers’ lives. 

Pastor Chris highlighted that prayer is not a sign of weakness but a manifestation of faith, emphasizing its transformative power on the world.

Quoting the scripture from John 16:23-24, Pastor Chris elucidated that prayer is how believers bring the power of the Spirit of God to bear on the world. 

He emphasized to believers that God takes pleasure in responding to prayers and urges them to maintain a consistent prayer life, placing their trust in God’s faithfulness to fulfill their desires.

With Pastor Chris’s guidance, believers are encouraged to pray, knowing God’s glory is in answering their petitions.

As believers continue to pray and trust in God’s promises, they can rest assured that God is always on their side, ready to fulfill their hopes and dreams.

Pastor Chris’s Insightful Revelations

In light of ongoing global challenges, Pastor Chris has continued unveiled the enemy’s plans, emphasizing the importance of persistent prayers.

At the beginning of 2024, Pastor Chris exposed the sinister agenda for a new world order projected to be fully implemented by 2025. 

The current global economic crises and food shortages in various regions are all part of this orchestrated plan.

Pastor Chris calls Christians worldwide to unite during the upcoming Global Day of Prayer to counter these works of darkness. 

Our collective responsibility is to pray and ensure God’s will is established in all nations. 

Tune in to any LoveWorld TV station at 6 pm GMT+1 on Friday, March 29th, to join the live broadcast and participate in this transformative prayer movement.

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