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Published on February 19th, 2023 | by Gabriele Adbbe


Pastor Chris on wedding vows: “Marriage is in itself a vow”

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome always answers questions from LoveWorld members from all over the world. The questions span from marriage and divorce to charity and donations.

Florence from Zimbabwe once asked if there is a Biblical reference to marriage and wedding vows or if it is possible to get married without wedding vows.

“The question whether there is a Biblical reference to marriage and wedding vows seems ambiguous because marriage itself is a vow. You see, because it is through words… Because you understand that in marriage, it is not like you kidnap someone. You do not just catch somebody and take away. There are words exchanged by different people. So, those words in themselves are the vows,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome answered.

He then elaborated on formalizing those words.

“But then in a wedding, which is a ceremony for the marriage, they may formalize the vows, and that is where I believe what you are trying to bring up here really came from. Whether trying to formalize those vows and make a real ceremony out of it so those vows are ceremonial because the marriage itself is a vow,” he said.

Pastor Chris: “Wedding vows should not contradict Christ”

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome continued his answer on marriage by shedding light on weddings without wedding vows.

“So, why would you not find any other Biblical reference to a wedding with its vows? You can understand that a marriage is in itself a vow, but then, here is your question. I think this is what troubles you: ‘Are there weddings conducted without those vows; that is, in sickness, in health, till death do us part?’ The wordings of any vow will depend on those who are coming together,” the pastor said and added:

“So, for any wedding, the parties have to decide what kind of vows they want, and it is important that you know that your vows can have a lot to do with your life. The wordings of your vows should not contradict the visions that we have in Christ. In our ministry, for example, we have wedding vows, and those vows have been properly constructed to reflect the thinking of God’s word.”

Going to the authorities

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome believes that most organizations would do the same.

“As far as their knowledge would go, they would create the vows that they believe you should have. Now, if you have questions about those vows in that particular organization, go to the authorities and say: ‘We have a problem. I am concerned about these particular wordings in the vows.’ When you discuss that, they will be able to explain to you why they have those sections in the vows. You are either going to agree with them or disagree with them – or at least, you will stand the chance of having a clear understanding of their beliefs,” he explained.

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