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Published on November 14th, 2022 | by Alberto Krinsky


Pastor Chris declares November to be the Month of Insight

“This month of November is the Month of Insight, and the spirit of God is going to lead you in a very special way,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said at the monthly Global Communion Service on Sunday, November 6th.

The LoveWorld Inc. President underlined that his congregation will receive insights beyond imagination in this second to last month of 2022, the Year of the Gathering Clouds.

“You are going to have insight like you never had before. You are going to see deep things of God like you never knew before,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said at the Global Communion Service.

“The manifestation of the Holy Ghost in your life like never before. He will unveil things to you, He will reveal things to you. He will grant you understanding like you never thought possible. Lift your hands in worship. It is your Month of Insight,” he added.

Pastor Chris says goodbye to the Month of Peace

Welcoming the Month of Insight also means parting ways with October’s Month of Peace.

“God does not want us to be anxious, to have anxiety about anything. When you find yourself having anxiety, you are walking away from the word of God, you are walking into Satan’s arena where he can take advantage of you.”

Those were the words of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome as he announced the theme of October at the Global Communion Service on Sunday, October 2nd.

Pastor Chris presents the IPPC 2022

Like always, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has a lot in store for the LoveWorld community in November.

The International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference (IPPC) commences today, Monday, November 14th and runs until and including Sunday, November 20th.

The annual event sees pastors and partners from around the world flying to Nigeria to participate in the event, which is only for invitees.

During the week, the participants will celebrate the milestones already achieved in the Year of the Gathering Clouds. Additionally, they are to gather inspiration for their ministering in the upcoming year.

This will happen through various workshops and lessons held by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his fellow LoveWorld ministers.

During the week of the International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference, multiple subevents are taking place.

Among them are the International Media Connectors’ Conference (IMCC), the International Teens Pastors and Leaders’ Conference (ITPLC), the LoveWorld Exhibition and the Loveworld Presidential Awards.

The International Medica Connectors’ Conference kicked off on Sunday, November 13th and lasts until and including Tuesday, November 15th.

The conference teaches participants how to leverage social media and how to transform an idea into an innovation with monetary value.

Participant calls IPPC 2022 a “time of change”

Pastor Esther Miracle is one of the attendants of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference 2022.

She shared her excitement about the event and her journey towards it on the LoveWorld Ministry’s social media platform, KingsChat.

“Stopped by in Germany – a nation deeply precious in my heart, in fact the first nation I ever heard the Lord instruct me to intercede for. Got off the plane and into a packed yet very quiet transit bus, preached the gospel through a psalm with the teachings from the rhapsody I had just studied on the plane in my heart on the importance of obedience. Did it feel awkward? Well, maybe a little but there is nothing like the joy from doing what the Lord says,” she wrote and continued:

“It was like I could feel the Lord excitedly watching from within me in pleasure at the preaching of the gospel. I could feel His joy. In situations like this, where the Lord leads me to speak for him in places like this, I always contemplate that I would rather do it, knowing I will never regret preaching the gospel but an opportunity missed is surely a thing of regret.”

Before taking off to Nigeria, she wrote the following:

“I am so grateful to be living for Jesus, and my spirit is full of excitement concerning the next couple weeks. A time of change. A time of promotion. A time of establishing the will of the father in the nations of the earth. Taking off now – see u soon Lagos. I have missed you.”

Watch Pastor Chris Oyakhilome announce November to be the Month of Insight in the video below.

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