Events Countdown to 2024: Join Pastor Chris in the Global New Year's Eve Service

Published on December 27th, 2023 | by Alberto Krinsky


Countdown to 2024: Join Pastor Chris in the Global New Year’s Eve Service

Join Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Christians around the world in a collective anticipation of the December 31st New Year’s Eve Service, marking the transition to a new year.

Scheduled for 8 PM GMT+1, this annual event is a global phenomenon, uniting countless individuals in a night of worship, prophecy, and celebration.

Pastor Chris Guides the Global New Year’s Festivity

The December 31st attracts thousands to designated viewing centers, but its impact extends far beyond physical locations.

Thanks to live broadcasts on LoveWorld stations and networks, millions across the globe can join in the festivities online.

This global connection embodies the spirit of unity and faith that defines the LoveWorld community.

What to Expect at Pastor Chris’ December 31st Service?

Whether attending in person or virtually, participants eagerly anticipate an extraordinary encounter with the divine.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s prophetic insights are central to the evening, offering guidance and inspiration for the approaching year.

Joyful Worship and Divine Insights

The heart of the event lies in joyful worship, exhilarating praise, and heartfelt thanksgiving.

Charged with the power of the spirit, the atmosphere becomes a conduit for divine revelations and transformative experiences.

It’s an unforgettable night where the supernatural meets the natural.

Revealing the Theme of 2024

A significant moment awaits as Pastor Chris unveils the theme for 2024.

Since 1994, he has assigned a prophetic theme to each year, encapsulating the divine direction.

Over decades, this practice has acted as a guiding light for the LoveWorld community.

Reflecting on Past Themes

Let’s journey through past themes, each capturing a unique spiritual essence:

  • 1994 – Quenching Your Thirst
  • 1995 – Toward the Mark
  • 1996 – All Things Are Ready
  • 1997 – The Year of Focus
  • 1998 – The Year of Excellence
  • 1999 – Go forward
  • 2000 – The Year of Order
  • 2001 – The Year of Glory
  • 2002 – The Year of Praise and Greater Glory
  • 2003 – The Year of Laughter
  • 2004 – The Year of the Double Portion
  • 2005 – The Year of the Spirit
  • 2006 – The Year of Shining
  • 2007 – The Year of Supernatural Accomplishments
  • 2008 – The Year of Fulfillment
  • 2009 – The Year of the 7-Fold Increase
  • 2010 – The Year of the Greater Light
  • 2011 – The Year as a Burning and a Shining Light
  • 2012 – The Year of the Word
  • 2013 – The Year of Favor
  • 2014 – The Year of Greatness
  • 2015 – The Year of Triumph
  • 2016 – The Year of Spreading
  • 2017 – The Year of Flourishing
  • 2018 – The Year of the Supernatural
  • 2019 – The Year of Lights
  • 2020 – The Year of Perfection
  • 2021 – The Year of Preparation
  • 2022 – The year of the Gathering Clouds
  • 2023 – The Year of the Prolific Church

A Night of Spiritual Adventure

As we approach December 31st, believers worldwide prepare for a night of divine encounters, transformative insights, and the unveiling of prophecies that will guide them in the coming year.

The 31st New Year’s Eve Service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is more than an event; it’s a spiritual journey connecting hearts and souls globally.

Don’t miss the chance to embark on this trip into 2024 in the company of the esteemed Man of God.

Pastor Chris: Instructions from the Year of the Prolific Church 2023

Prioritize the Ministry of the Spirit:

Pastor Chris declares the importance of prioritizing the ministry of the Holy Ghost.

Recognizing the Holy Spirit as the creator and performer, he encourages believers to listen to His voice, embrace His wisdom, and seek His guidance.

The key is to acknowledge the Holy Ghost’s role in shaping our lives.

Prioritize the Word of God:

Stressing the abundance of God’s Word within, Pastor Chris urges believers to study, give attention to, and embed the Word in their hearts.

Aligning oneself with the Word becomes crucial for witnessing God’s transformative work in one’s life.

The correlation between embracing the Word and experiencing unprecedented changes is emphasized.

Use the Name of Jesus:

Pastor Chris illuminates the transformative power inherent in aligning one’s actions with the Word.

Acknowledging that God resides in our spirit, he emphasizes the impact of letting God manifest Himself in our souls and bodies.

The transformative journey involves letting the Word impart divine life, resulting in increased glory and alignment with divine counsel.

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