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Published on August 24th, 2023 | by Alberto Krinsky


Global Rhapathon with Pastor Chris 2023

The Global Rhapathon with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome 2023 is an event that aims to bring faith, inspiration, and unity among believers worldwide. 


Scheduled from September 13th to September 17th, 2023, this remarkable program serves as a celebration of the transformative impact of Rhapsody of Realities. 


Authored by Pastor Chris, this daily devotional guide has been translated into all known languages, making it accessible to people worldwide.


Rhapsody of Realities is not just any book; it is a timeless love letter from God to you, carrying the essence of life itself. 


Often called the “Messenger Angel,” this devotional serves as a spiritual life guide, offering daily insights from God’s Word to help with your growth and understanding.


It includes the day’s theme, a key scripture, the message, a daily confession, and a Bible reading plan, delivering the depth of God’s Word to countless lives each day.


“What you see with the eyes of faith is more real than what you see with your optical eyes.” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody of Realities. 


“Until you change a man’s thinking, you cannot change his life, you cannot change his state and therefore cannot change his estate. The extent of your vision is the boundary of your blessing. How far your vision can go is how much you can possess.” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody of Realities. 


Pastor Chris: “Bring the message of Jesus Christ to every part of the globe”


The main goal of the Global Rhapathon is to motivate believers to share messages of love, faith, and inspiration worldwide.


This event provides an opportunity for reflection, gratitude, and a collective commemoration of the teachings found within the Word of God.


In the words of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, “It’s about our evangelical work reaching every corner of the world through Rhapsody of Realities, spanning different formats and languages. Our goal is to bring the message of Jesus Christ to every part of the globe.”


FAQs about Rhapathon

  • What is Rhapathon with Pastor Chris? Rhapathon with Pastor Chris is a worldwide event celebrating the impact of Rhapsody of Realities, a daily devotional guide written by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. 
  • When will the Rhapathon with Pastor Chris take place? Scheduled for September 13th to 17th, 2023, Rhapathon is a five-day live telecast event.
  • How can I participate? Participation is open to all Rhapsody partners globally. The event can be accessed through the live telecast link provided on the official website.
  • What’s the purpose of Rhapathon? Rhapathon aims to celebrate the worldwide impact of Rhapsody of Realities, a daily devotional translated into more than 7000 languages. It’s a victory celebration of the Messenger Angel’s accomplishments and partnership in spreading righteousness globally.
  • Can I contribute to the spread of Rhapsody of Realities? Rhapathon offers a platform for believers to celebrate and contribute to the continuous dissemination of the Gospel through Rhapsody of Realities. 

By partnering with the event, you can support the distribution of this transformative devotional guide.

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