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Published on January 26th, 2023 | by Gabriele Adbbe


“What does it mean to have a noisy spirit?” – Pastor Chris explains

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome shares his wisdom with the world on many platforms around the world (especially on platforms from the LoveWorld community).

Occasionally, he answers questions from his many devoted followers.

Nemo from Kenya sent him the following question:

“Greetings dear pastor. You mentioned in one of the services this week that one can be in a physically quiet place but a noisy spirit. What does it mean to have a noisy spirit and how can one silence it?”

Pastor Chris: “You silence your spirit by withdrawing from the noise around you”

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome began his answer by saying: “I said that it could be that in a place that it is quiet, and your spirit is noisy. What is it for your spirit to be noisy? It means that your spirit is talking; it means that your spirit is communicating.”

“You are receiving other signals that may not be present in the room; it means that voices are communicating with your spirit. They can be coming to inform of thoughts, images, words; they are coming to you, you can hear them, you can see them,” the pastor said and added:

“So, your spirit is noisy. Things are happening within your spirit even though nobody else is hearing, and I said you need to filter all that noise so you can listen to what God is saying to you in the midst of all the externalize.”

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome then elaborated on the calm spirit.

“Although you can hear noise around you, your spirit is calm, meaning that your spirit has been able to do away with killing other signals and distracting thoughts coming your way, so you have excluded them. You are listening to God, and all the external noise around you isn’t getting at your spirit.”

“Just switch off from anything”

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome continued his answer by saying that “your spirit is calm though you are not in a calm environment. Otherwise, you could be in a calm environment, and your spirit is full of noise because it is getting all the other signals from everywhere else, so that is what I was talking about.”

“So, you silence your spirit by withdrawing from those thoughts, changing your mind, learning to control your thoughts, changing your mind, taking your mind away and switching your thoughts from those things you are thinking about to God,” the pastor stated.

“See, how do you do that? Start just by thinking about him, talk to him from your mind even if you do not vocalize it, your heart, you channel your thoughts to God. You might even want to do it manually by putting your mind on certain scriptures of the Bible or meditation,” he explained.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome summed up by saying: “You think through those verses, and you relate them to Him in the present and talk to God, communicate with Him in those lines. And before long, in a matter of moments, the Holy Spirit will be at work in you. Not hard at all. Practice it, and you will become so good at it, so good at it. Just switch off from anything, anywhere, anyone, and straight to God.”

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