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Published on October 18th, 2022 | by Gabriele Adbbe


“Wisdom comes from God,” says Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Last week, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome held an October edition of Your LoveWorld Specials. Season 6 Phase 3 was a tremendous success calling numerous Christian souls for Christ.

For three days, our man of God brought new interpretations to well-known Bible verses. The program also included prayers and worships to God as well as truths mentioned in the scriptures.

This time, one of the central themes was wisdom, especially divine wisdom. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome talked about the source of this wisdom and how it impacts people during their lives:

“Wisdom comes from God. In fact, the Word of God is divine wisdom, and the Holy Spirit is the voice of wisdom. Christ has been made unto us wisdom,” says Pastor Chris and continues, “No man who is ignorant of the Word of God is wise. No man who is destitute of the Holy Spirit is wise, for the Holy Spirit is the voice of wisdom.”

The Christ Embassy’s president also mentioned that Jesus Christ is the embodiment of wisdom.

We are custodians of heavenly peace.

October is the month of Peace, and Pastor Chris talked about this concept on the first day of the program:

“There is peace everywhere you go. When people come around you, they notice peace. You are not agitated; you are unshaken and unperturbed because you have everything under control.”

Our man of God also talked about praying and said two most inspiring thoughts:

“Prayer is our way of superimposing spiritual powers over our world, for the good of our world.”

“When you pray in the Holy Ghost, you are inspired by the spirit, and you utter words.”

Another pearl of wisdom is about health that come from the Holy Spirit:

“When you receive the Holy Spirit, His presence in you vitalizes your physical body. Your body, therefore, has the capacity for divine health, and that’s reality. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit; He lives in you with all of His glory and power.”

Talking about health is a great reminder about the Healing Streams Live Healing Services coming in November. Pastor Chris came back to this theme in another sermon:

“If the Spirit that raised up Jesus from the dead lives in you, that same spirit that raised up Jesus from the dead shall also vitalize your mortal body.”

The world is ours, says Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

In the previous edition, Pastor Chris talked about the kingdom we are living in. Last week, our man of God touched this subject again, bringing more insights:

“The kingdom of God functions by the will of God and in the will of God and executes the will of God.”

“The world is ours. The nations belong to us because we are the seed of Abraham. Never forget it. The world is yours. Act like it.”

“The world can only follow that which we have determined by the Holy Ghost.”

“God has given us the authority to decide what world we will live in.”

The importance of truth

Another central theme of the past Your LoveWorld Specials was the truth. Pastor Chris said three thoughts about this concept worthy of attention:

“The knowledge of the truth is the only way to combat deception.”

“If you don’t know the Word of God, you will be deceived and if you are deceived you will be destroyed.”

“How do you gather ignorant interlocutors and expect to arrive at the truth? How many lies do you have to put together and expect to arrive at the truth?”

Pastor Deola Phillips also mentioned some vital things about the truth. The LoveWorld CEO opened the grand finale of Season 6 Phase 3 with a speech about truth and deception:

“You know what’s true by measuring it with the word. That’s the standard for measuring truth. Let these guidelines conduct your thinking process. Never let fear rule your mind. Never make a decision on the basis of fear.”

Fear can overshadow the truth, but Pastor Deola encouraged the congregation to not be afraid and stick to God’s Word:

“Maybe you were raised in an atmosphere of fear by Parents, guardians, and adults that were full of fear, so you grew up knowing fear. With all of that, you may find it difficult to not be afraid.

But here’s where the Word of God can be of immense help to you. God’s Word imparts faith. It brings you strength and courage. The qualities of God become inculcated in your system,” says Pastor Deola.

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