Events Pastor Chris Presents: September Global Communion Service

Published on May 28th, 2023 | by Alberto Krinsky


The Global Ministers’ Classroom 2023 with Pastor Chris is coming soon

The time has come for the most extensive global convergence of ministers of the gospel. Get ready for the 2023 edition of the Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

From Friday, June 2nd, to Saturday, June 3rd, millions of ministers from around the world will once again be gathered in an online classroom to be rightly positioned to receive great revelations and transformations in the ministry of the Holy Spirit and the world.

You can sign up for the event here.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome clarifies the significance of the event by saying: “It is the call of the spirit, the moment of mobilization. At this very moment, God is mobilizing his army, and He is getting us ready for the final phase of the work of the church in this world.”

Many testimonies praise Pastor Chris’ event

Many testimonies were given through previous editions of the Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. One pastor, Helena Afelt from Ukraine, had this to say:

“I am amazed at how much knowledge I gained from this program. This is more than a program to me. Now you taught us about ministry; you helped us understand the times we are living in. The words you shared lifted me up,” she said.

Another minister from Germany, Pastor Anthonina, had this to say about this insightful event with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome:

“I am so thankful to the Lord and the man of God, Pastor Chris, for the schooling we just had at the Global Ministers’ Classroom. During this time, my mentality changed, and I know that the Lord has elevated me through,” the pastor stated.

Participant: “All ministers should attend the Global Ministers’ Classroom

After participating in the Global Ministers’ Classroom two years ago, Pastor Sandrina Ramiandrasoa from Madagascar expressed enthusiasm about the event. This is what she had to say:

“I had the great opportunity to attend the last Global Ministers’ Classroom with our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. It was phenomenal. Glory to God,” she declared.

“I am greatly looking forward to this next session of the Global Ministers’ Classroom this year. I know this session will be more glorious, and I am sure that the Holy Spirit will work with all of its might to guide all the ministers worldwide,” she added and continued:

“I am sure we will receive divine tools for us to be more effective in our work in serving the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. All ministers from around the world should attend this incredible event. Do not miss out on this,” she stated.

Also, Pastor Gail Wellington from Trinidad could not stop herself from praising the event:

“I have high expectations for this new edition of the Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris. I am ready to learn even more about the word of God and internalize that word within my Spirit,” the minister said and added:

“With the help of God, I am looking forward for my Spirit to move forward with the gospel, especially in this end-time. Suppose you are a pastor or a minister in pursuit of more. Take this opportunity and register for this glorious event.”

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