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Published on March 19th, 2023 | by Alberto Krinsky


Pastor Chris’ Healing Streams: Testimonies begin to pour in

Today, Sunday, March 19th,  is the last day of the March edition of Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

You can still sign up for the event and participate in the last part of it on the Healing Streams’ website.

Everyone can join the live program online, receive healing or support their close ones who need the help of God.

The live program welcomes participants from different countries and not only from the leading centers for Christ Embassy members worldwide.

All LoveWorld networks, including CeFlix and the Healing Streams Live Healing Services’ website, are streaming the event live throughout the weekend.

During the first two days of the event, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome reached people all over the world with his message of divine healing.

Here is one of the current outstanding testimonies that were shared during the March edition of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Healing Streams Live Healing Services.

Pastor Chris helped a woman become free from demonic oppression

Shalin Charumbuka from Harare, Zimbabwe, suffered from depression, anxiety, fear and demonic oppression. Her sparing condition began in 2016.

Within a few weeks, she started experiencing unprovoked heart palpitations, and one day, she suddenly collapsed and became unconscious for about five hours.

Several attempts to resuscitate her proved not to work. She was promptly rushed to the hospital for medical attention, where several scans and tests failed to ascertain the cause of her unexpected predicament.

In the subsequent weeks and months, Shalin Charumbuka’s condition quickly deteriorated. She collapsed as many as ten times daily and experienced horrendous episodes as her spirit left her body for several hours.

It seemed as if all hope to restore her health had vanished until news of the July 2022 edition of the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome reactivated faith in her heart for complete healing and restoration.

During the healing event, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome laid his hands on her, demanding the demon depart from her body. Instantly, a supernatural transaction took over Shalin Charumbuka and healed her of all demonic forces.

Former participant: “I have led 250+ students to believe in Christ”

Yesterday, Shalin Charumbuka appeared on the new edition of the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and shared her testimony.

“Since that glorious day, I have lost weight, I am back at school, and my social life has been restored. The best part is that I have led 250+ students to believe in Christ,” she said.

“The fact that you are witnessing my testimony means that God already sets your testimony. It is done,” she added.

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