Events Pastor Chris Announces December as the 'Month of Thanksgiving'

Published on December 4th, 2023 | by Alberto Krinsky


Pastor Chris Announces December as the ‘Month of Thanksgiving’

In a special proclamation during the December 2023 edition of the Global Communion Service, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome declared the month of December as the ‘Month of Thanksgiving.’ 

Taking inspiration from Colossians 1:12, he urged believers to embrace a lifestyle of gratitude and Thanksgiving.

“God wants you to live a life of thanksgiving every day,” emphasized Pastor Chris as he welcomed everyone to the special month dedicated to expressing gratitude to God.

Celebrating the Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris

The Global Communion Service for December 2023, led by Pastor Chris, happened on Sunday, December 3. 

The vibrant and spiritually enriching service was broadcasted globally through various LoveWorld platforms, including LoveWorld TV Networks, Loveworld News TV channel on Ceflix, the LoveWorld News TV SuperUser live story on KingsChat, and other internet platforms at 3 pm GMT+1.

The service featured a harmonious blend of prayer, praise, and thanksgiving.

Attendees engaged in profound exhortations and participated in the significant act of breaking bread during the holy communion.

The anticipation was palpable as believers prepared to receive divine direction for the month, coming through the prophetic insight of Pastor Chris.

The Essence of the Month of Thanksgiving by Pastor Chris

As believers enter the ‘Month of Thanksgiving,’ Pastor Chris encourages a lifestyle of gratitude beyond a designated time frame. 

While expressing thanks is a daily practice, setting aside a specific month aligns with scriptural principles, like the concept of an hour of prayer or designated occasions for fellowship.

In reminiscing about the December 2022 ‘Month of Thanksgiving,’ Pastor Chris emphasized the importance of expressing thanks according to the scriptures. 

During the Global Communion Service on December 4, 2022, he declared, “December is the Month of Thanksgiving. And so, we will be giving thanks to the Lord.”

The LoveWorld President highlighted the scriptural guidance for setting aside specific times for Thanksgiving while maintaining a continual attitude of gratitude. 

The December Global Communion Service becomes a focal point for believers to express thanks, drawing inspiration from the scriptural foundations collectively.

Looking Back: December 2022 Month of Thanksgiving

Reflecting on the December 2022 service, Pastor Chris underscored the significance of giving thanks, not only as a routine but as a scripturally supported practice. 

The service featured special moments of prayer, praise, and Thanksgiving, aligning with the theme of gratitude for the entire month.

Believers around the world eagerly anticipate the divine direction and insights that will be unveiled during the December 2023 ‘Month of Thanksgiving.’ 

This dedicated time provides an opportunity for individuals to deepen their connection with God, fostering an atmosphere of appreciation and spiritual growth.

As believers embrace this month, the Global Communion Service serves as an inspirational point for collective Thanksgiving, aligning hearts and minds in gratitude towards the Lord. 

It is not just a routine; it is a divine appointment for expressing thanks and ushering in the blessings of the season.

Impact of Collective Prayer and Thanksgiving

The December 2023 Global Communion Service is not just a routine religious gathering: it is a decisive moment of collective prayer and thanksgiving with the potential to bring about positive changes globally. 

The prayers during this service encompass critical areas such as institutions, nations, children, leaders, and individuals in different localities of the world.

Believers can expect prayers for economic revival, the revelation of God’s truth, the restoration of health, and positive transformations across the globe. 

The impact of collective prayer and Thanksgiving is not confined to the spiritual realm; it extends to tangible changes in individuals’ lives and the world at large.

Preserving Souls and Sustaining Nations Through Prayer

The emphasis on prayer during the Global Communion Service goes beyond personal needs; it extends to the collective responsibility of preserving souls for the rapture and sustaining nations with the light of the Gospel. 

As participants actively engage in prayer, there is a recognition that their faith contributes to the broader mission of spreading God’s love and truth.

The December 2023 Global Communion Service becomes a significant moment in the ongoing narrative of believers partnering with God to bring about positive transformations in the world.

The power of prayer, coupled with heartfelt Thanksgiving, becomes a dynamic force for good, impacting lives and shaping the destiny of nations.

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