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World Book Day Celebrates Sharing Stories

The first Thursday in March is set aside to celebrate books. Welcome to a worldwide campaign to help change children’s lives, by making story-sharing a habit of a lifetime and creating readers for life.

Reading for pleasure is in decline, so we want to boost it back up, raise awareness and spark millions of imaginations. Children’s author JK Rowling said, “if you don’t like to read you haven’t found the right book.”

The Bible is a book to share

Well, there is one book that has outsold others. It is available in many languages and its stories are well etched in the psyche of all who have had the pleasure and privilege to be privy to its wisdom. Yes, it is the Bible and it is a book for all ages and all generations.

For young and emergent readers, the bible teaches its readers to face the essence of human life and overcome troubles and unhappiness. This is done by leading us to discover the real meaning about life and death and eternal life.

There is wisdom in every word. The tales are there to enlighten and wonder at the nature of humanity. There are characters to aspire to and ones to help. The younger a person is introduced to the Bible the more they can learn as they will revisit these chapters time and time again.

For those of us emersed in the joys of the Holy Scripture, it is difficult to imagine life not having access to the Bible. Pastor Chris has written a version of the Bible for children to read and share. The daily devotional “Rhapsody of Realities ” also comes specially written for children to read. You can find these publications here.

Bible stories made memorable

Rhapsody for Children

The “Rhapsody of Realities for Kids” is a great way to introduce children to the gift of reading. The stories of the Bible are presented in a sensitive and fun way so children can wonder at this beautiful text. Young minds will absorb these transformative tales and take this learning with them through life.

The story is narrated with stunning pictures to engage the young reader. There are sections in cartoon form to keep the dialogue paced clearly and relevant. Interspersed into the tales are puzzles and reflections to further advance the child’s understanding in a fun way.

Rhapsody for early readers

As a child develops their reading skills, they will want a more sophisticated read. “Rhapsody of Realities for Early Readers” is a great publication for individual or group reading. There is a daily message with further explanation by Pastor Chris. Not only are these early readers developing their scriptural knowledge they are learning wisdom from a Man of God.

Rhapsody of Realities for early readers

Reading is a right and access to good reading materials is important to strengthen your child’s skills. With an advanced understanding of the Bible, children will be able to share these stories with confidence. When they become part of your understanding the Bible becomes alive in you.

Having a ‘Rhapsody of Realities’ for every stage of development is something to celebrate. Download your copy for children here. On World Book Day children are encouraged to share a million stories. This is made possible because of the greatest story ever told-The Bible.

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