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Published on April 24th, 2022 | by Alberto Krinsky


Time is running out: Sign up for the Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris

Pastors, bishops and other people of the church all over the world have been looking forward to the Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris for weeks, and now, the day is finally approaching.

In just five days, the highly anticipated free, online pastors’ course kicks off. The exact time is Friday, April 29th at 2 PM GMT+1, and the program will run for 24 hours.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has invited pastors, apostles, bishops, youth pastors, ministers, evangelists and other church staff from around the globe to participate in the annual event.

People who are interested have five more days to sign up for the event on the website of the Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris.

Strategic insight and networking with fellow ministers

At the event, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will provide attendants with strategic insight for the end-time harvest, and participants can look forward to an increased focus on the mission and purpose of the church.

They will also be able to do networking with millions of colleagues from every corner of the Earth.

The International School of Ministry, an arm of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Christ Embassy ministry, is organizing the Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris for the fourth time.

The division was established in 2007 with the purpose of offering online and on-site workshops, training sessions and courses on how to become a pastor.

Over the years, the International School of Ministry has helped thousands achieve their dream of becoming ministers of the gospel.

Excitement reaches new heights ahead of the Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris

Every year, the International School of Ministry’s work culminates with the Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris.

It is an event that ministry staff from all over the world look forward to with excitement.

“I have been inspired by the word our man of God shared during the Global Minister’s Classroom. This has made me more effective for ministry. The striking part was when pastor spoke about evangelism and how important and the urgency of soul winning, I repented immediately. Glory to God,” Pastor Fatai Sili from Tonga wrote after last year’s session.

“Great is our God, the word I heard from the man of is the same word that will be preached to my disciple and world at large. His exceptionalism and perfection has made me believe that we can attain any level of excellent. Am so blessed by the teaching of our man of God,” Pastor Nike Ishola from Niger said and continued:

“I have been refreshed at this Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris because of some challenges in ministry, which has made me to be a little discouraged, but at the meeting, I learned that when you leave in Christ, in His trust and not fact. The knowledge of God’s truth over facts of life, this has refreshed, encouraged and inspired me, and now I know I need to stay in the truth. I am also confident that the truth of God’s word will prevail over every situation in Nigeria. I am so happy to a part end-time army of the Lord.”

Participant: “Thank you for investing in us, Pastor Chris”

Reverend Ikechukwu Peter from Nigeria was also very appreciative of the Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris in 2021.

“I would like to really appreciate Pastor Chris. Thank you so much for your time, prayers and all that God is using you to do in this nation. This end-time and the nations of the earth. Thank you for bringing to the ministers of the gospel that are in the front-line of what God is doing the undiluted word of God. I want to really thank you. You have touched me in a great way and your words have molded me. I want you to know that despite the oppositions, you have 1001 ministers out there supporting your course. We cannot thank you enough,” he stated.

“First of all, I would like to thank our dear man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, for giving us this phenomenal opportunity to be part of the Global Ministers’ Classroom, which ran for 24 hours. I would like to express my gratitude for giving me the opportunity of leading a segment. Thank you, pastor. Thank you so much for investing in us regularly. I would like to also thank our CEO, Pastor Deola Phillips, for our commitment and engagement to make sure that we receive whatever is needed for us individually and for our congregation,” Pastor Renalda Hayek from Lebanon explained and added:

“These 24 hours were so enriching, having highly esteemed ministers of the gospel participate and gives their time to enrich everyone who has connected to this platform. What I witnessed during these 24 hours was that each one of my congregations was connected at separate timing. What was common between all of them was the richness of what they have taken. Every topic, discussion was really a building block in their improvement. The International School of Ministry is really a blessing and a gift from God to us. Thank you, Pastor Chris, for your commitment to excel in everything you do and to push us to be as excellent as we can be. Blessings and increase in every area. Amen.”

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