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The Prophecies Of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Revealed At The New Year’s Eve Service

The sermons of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome contain unparalleled wisdom. He has taught the world so much. His imparting of revealed wisdom has led to the winning of souls in places far and wide. The New Year’s Eve Service was a time of global uplift as Pastor Chris prayed for healing and miracles in every nation.

It was a truly perfect start to the year. The moment that Pastor Chris announced the ‘Theme of the Year’ there were cheers in the auditorium that were echoed in the viewing centers across the world. The LoveWorld community is ready for the ‘Year of Perfection.’  In his sermon members were told to “train yourself to do more because God taking you places this year. God’s spirit is going to lead you into it.”

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a leader of perception and the year in review segment showed viewers just how much the ministry has done for people all over the world. There was an impact on people’s physical, emotional and, spiritual well-being. The ‘Year of Lights” was something special.

Audience at the New Year’s Eve Service with Pastor Chris

Darkness could not stand a chance

There was the ‘Higher Life Conference’ in Part Harcourt and many people received healing. There were amazing testimonies of healing and miracles. The ‘Healing School’ delivered love and compassion to the participants. In both Johannesburg and Toronto, Pastor Chris delivered hope and healing miracles to the nations of the world.

To prepare the nations for greater success there was amazing training and empowerment of church workers. “You will have a great harvest in the year 2020. Greatness is yours. He has taken care of you. A great harvest shall be experienced in 2020. Great harvest in your life.”  This will be possible as members are ready.

“2020 is a walkover. It’s a celebration.”

The World Evangelism Conference was a resounding success. It brought ministers and evangelists back to what matters which is winning the souls of men and women. More people are impacted than ever before. The ‘International School of Ministry’ has had more attendees than ever who are ready to spread the word of the gospel.

With over one billion copies of ‘Rhapsody of Realities’ in circulation, this daily devotional is a perfect way to communicate the word of God. Written by the Man of God and translated into over 2000 the impact here is awesome. Taking this into the world that prophecy of “this year, you are going to do something special. This year, we have possessed it. We own it,” feels very palpable.

The ‘Year of Perfection’ will be better than any other known because Pastor Chris said, “The Lord shall be with you this year. Greater is He that is in you. This year, you are an overcomer.”  He went on the explain that God demands perfection, he expects perfection citing the examples of Abram, Noah, and Job.

Pastor Chris also read from Ephesians 5:1 and Luke 8:14, before stating enlightening us on the important points of perfection: alignment; completeness; excellence; and, fruition. “Until you believe in perfection, you will never practice it, but in 2020, you’ll love and practice perfection,” he said.

Praying for the success of the new souls who have declared a life in Jesus Christ

The Global Communion of January 5th is a prayer festival for new converts and first-timers. This is an incredible start to the year. When Pastor Chris Oyakhilome prophesized that “you will be amazed by what God will do in your life that you say:  but it’s just the first three months, “we all said Amen.

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