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Published on December 13th, 2021 | by Gabriele Adbbe


The countdown has begun: Join Pastor Chris’ Christmas Eve Service

In keeping with the tradition, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is hosting his annual Christmas Eve Service on Friday, December 24th.

Believers from all over the world are expected to tune in to watch the highly anticipated event, which will be streamed live on all LoveWorld tv channels and internet platforms.

Being held in Lagos, Nigeria, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will gather his global audience online for a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

As in previous years, the pastor will also go through what has happened in the year that is about to end.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome names every year and each month and decided to call 2021 the Year of Preparation.

At the Christmas Eve Service, he is going to emphasize the highlights of the year and prepare his LoveWorld congregation for the upcoming one.

The LoveWorld Music and Arts Ministry will contribute to the event with joyful Christmas carols performed by its artists, while several LoveWorld ministers will join Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in prayers.

Pastor Chris: “That is what brings joy to God”

At last year’s Christmas Eve Service, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome underlined how Jesus being born in our hearts is being celebrated in Heaven.

“You know, in Heaven, they are not quite excited about the birth of Jesus like we are excited here… December 25th is not a celebration day in Heaven. The celebration day in Heaven is the day when Jesus is born in the heart of a man,” he said and continued:

“That is what brings joy to God. That is what brings joy to Heaven, and our celebration is about the birth of the one that makes that joy possible. So, we are glad about the birth of Jesus for without him, there would be no salvation for anyone.”

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome then went on to thank Jesus.

“He made salvation possible. He made it possible that God would live in a human heart. Lift your hands and thank Him. Thank Him for his grace, thank Him for His love, thank Him for his kindness for there is none like Him,” he said.

2022’s theme to be revealed

Shortly after the Christmas Eve Service, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is inviting his global audience to attend another one of his annual events: the New Year’s Eve Service on Friday, December 31st.

There, he will also reminisce upon the Year of Preparation.

“2021 is the Year of Preparation. In Heaven, preparation is being made, and I look… And all over the world, angels are out preparing people, helping with the word of God all over the world. I saw them working and working and working. I saw that the things around them did not matter. They were not distracted by the activities around them. They were just busy preparing people,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said when he presented the theme of the year.

Towards the end of the New Year’s Eve Service, the pastor will present the new theme of 2022.

The New Year’s Eve Service coincides with the Future Africa Leaders’ Awards (FALA), which is organized by the Future Africa Leaders’ Foundation (FALF).

At the Future Africa Leaders’ Awards, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will celebrate young African leaders who have made a significant impact on their local communities over the past year.

The purpose of the award show is to explore and expand the leadership potentials in Africa. The initiative is especially carried out to acknowledge young African leaders who have impacted their generation in a positive way through youth empowerment, education and other projects that seek to prepare young people for a bright future.

Who will be Pastor Chris’ Star Award Winner?

On Sunday, December 19th at 6 PM GMT+1, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will reveal the nominees for this year’s Future Africa Leaders’ Awards.

In 2020, he gave $10,000 to 30 individuals from 20 different African countries for their work in local communities.

Gwei Michael Wawa from Cameroon received the main prize of $25,000 and was named the Star Award Winner.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome rewarded him for his major impact on young people’s lives through his innovative initiatives.

Gwei Michael Wawa, for instance, established the non-governmental organization Youth Empowerment Through Science and Technology. By the end of 2020, it had hosted 34 conferences and 14 seminars for more than 18,000 youths.

The Star Award Winner has also the man behind a Teck Community Challenge, where 200 Cameroonian students demonstrated their skills in various aspects. They, for instance, showcased automatic temperature and humidity regulators, metal detectors, robotic arms and soil moisture detector sensors.

The winners of the challenge were given prizes worth more than $1,000 each.

Finally, Gwei Michael Wawa and the College of Technology also hosted a technological trade fair, where technology and engineering professors reviewed and rewarded 15 new inventions made by young people.

Watch last year’s Christmas Eve Service in the video below.

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