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Published on February 2nd, 2022 | by Alberto Krinsky


The best Pastor Chris quotes of the Year of Preparation

2021, the Year of Preparation, became a monumental year for Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his LoveWorld congregation.

Throughout the year, the pastor managed to gather billions of viewers for his many events despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. He did so by making the shows available online.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s events in the Year of Preparation have also yielded multiple great quotes.

We have gathered the best of them here:

“The angels are working on Earth with the Church of God in preparation right now. And I said to you that the forces of God are also in preparation for their final struggle because they know what is coming. They are just trying to fight for time. They know what is coming.”

-“Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris” in January

“Remember, the life that he has brought us into is grace to grace. In fact, the margins are grace heaped upon grace. That is amazing. There is so much grace that you can take… It is amazing how we walk all the time, ignoring the grace that we could have.”

-Global Communion Service in February

“Prayer is not our idea; it is His idea. He knows that it works. He told us to do it. It gives Him the right to do what He would not do if you did not pray. Prayer does not change God, but it positions you in a situation where He can respond to you in a way that He would not do otherwise. So, it is our responsibility to pray.”

-“Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris” in March

“Open your heart to truth this month. To His truth. Not circumstantial truth, no. Not truth from men. His truth for His truth shall be thy shield. It is the Month of Truth, and God’s truth will prevail. God’s truth will triumph, hallelujah. Spread His truth everywhere. Tell His truth to the untold.”

-Global Communion Service in April

“The ministry which we are a part of is a spiritual ministry, and our sacrifices are also spiritual. This is very important. You know, God moved from the sacrifice of goats to the spiritual ministry. The priesthood was moved from earthly things to spiritual things. The sacrifices of earthly things to spiritual things,” he explained and added. So, the ministry that we are in today is spiritual. Prior to Jesus coming, what they had was the shadow of the real. It was just a shadow of good things to come.”

Global Ministers’ Classroom in May

“Jesus gave us the victory. And for us to walk in that light of victory, Satan has no chance. All the nations belong to Jesus Christ, and we are not giving up one of them to Satan. He told us to cast out devils.”

-“Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris” in July

“The temple was primarily a place for offering sacrifices. That is what He asked them to build the tabernacle for. The original reason was to make it a place where God was to receive their sacrifices. In the New Testament, He calls us to offer spiritual sacrifices, the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His name. To offer sacrifices of praise. How many of our churches have been a place of such sacrifices? You would be surprised.”

-Global Communion Service in August

“Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus, we honor you. We worship you. There is none like you. Thank you for your love, thank you for your grace, thank you for your kindness, thank you for the ministry of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Thank you for the Bible. This precious gift you have given to us to teach us, to train us, to inspire us, to inform us, to guide us, to instruct us, to bless us. Thank you for your grace. Thank you.”

-“Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris” in October

“No evil shall before you. The Lord is your protection, your protector, your strength and strengthener, your salvation everywhere you go,” he said before the audience and online viewers.”

“Glory is at work in you. You walk in wisdom in the name of the Lord Jesus. You would know what to do at every point. You have solution because you are a solution in the name of the Lord Jesus. You are the glory of Christ.”

-Global Communion Service in November

“Silent night, holy night, but they forget the one who is truly holy. For so long. And that will help you understand why there was so much dryness in many churches. People come to church and go back the same. Most never understood why. The excitement would not produce life. Sometimes you can shout and get people excited, but the spirit is not there. It makes no difference.”

-Christmas Eve Service in December

“2022 is the ‘Year of the Gathering Clouds.’ The clouds are gathering. This is the year for these gathering clouds to fulfill their purpose. You know, in these you have several gathering clouds. But my plan tonight is to tell you about the most important gathering clouds.”

“There are gathering clouds of evil, I must say, and the Bible speaks of them. Gathering clouds of unrest. Gathering clouds of wickedness. Gathering clouds of war.”

-New Year’s Eve Service in December

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