News Pastor Chris Oyakhilome held the Healing Streams Live Healing Services a week ago, however, testimonies are still flowing around the world.

Published on August 8th, 2022 | by Gabriele Adbbe


Testimonies outpour after July’s Healing Streams Live with Pastor Chris

It is a week since the July edition of Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris is over. 

During the three days, from July 29th to July 31st, our man of God, Chris Oyakhilome, reached about 7 billion people around the globe. 

Everyone could join the live program online, receive healing, or just support their close ones who needed the help of God. 

The live program welcomed participants from different countries. It is not only about the main centers for Christ Embassy members in the USA, Canada, the UK, and Nigeria. Millions from China, Cyprus, Bahrain, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, and other countries also witnessed the divine miracles. 

Healing Streams Live Healing Services was a huge success. Even since the week after the live programs, testimonies about divine healing continue to flow. The internet is full of many incredible stories of when the Lord helped the sick get rid of their diseases. 

Here are some of the outstanding testimonies people shared during and after the July edition of Healing Streams Live Healing Services. 

A girl is healed of a contagious virus making her legs sore

The miracles of divine healing were abundant on the first day of the Healing Streams live program. People shared their stories on various social media, including KingsChat. 

A girl called Mina got a contagious virus that caused open sores all over her legs. Doctors in the hospital prescribed medication and sent the girl and her mother home. 

After arrival, Mina’s mother received a new call from doctors asking her to bring her daughter for additional swab tests. Medical workers suspected it might be another virus, so prescribed medication would not be helpful for the girl. 

However, Mina’s mother refused to take her child to the hospital, saying they were going to participate in the Healing Streams Live. This conversation was on Thursday, a day before the live program. 

During the first day of the Healing Streams, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome started ministering. Right away Mina’s family noticed that the girl’s open sores were drying and closing slowly but steadily. 

However, the doctors still insisted that Mina come to the hospital. The mother took a picture of the girl’s legs after she got healed, so the proof of divine healing removed all doubts about Mina’s state of health. 

Pastor Chris helps Garry from a broken hip

Another testimony comes from Sharon Care Center in Washington DC. There is a patient Gary who was diagnosed with dementia. A month ago, Gary fell and broke his hip which caused him to use a wheelchair. 

One day, Gary’s therapist invited him to participate in July’s Healing Streams Live Healing Services to get help with his broken hip. The therapist was so kind as to help Gary register for the live program. 

After watching the program and listening to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for a while, Gary stood up. He started walking here and there without assistance and not experiencing any pain. It was for the first time since he had broken his hip! Thanks to our man of God, Pastor Chris, Gary received his share of healing. 

A woman gets healed of irregular bleeding after re-watching Healing Streams

Did you know that even re-watching Healing Streams can be miraculous? Twitter user Debbie Onyibe shared messages from her WhatsApp group chat with another testimony. 

The unnamed woman started bleeding when the grand finale of the Healing Streams came to end. It confused the woman because it was not planned period bleeding which was a week before.  

In the end, she had to visit the hospital. After taking several tests, doctors still could not identify the reason for irregular bleeding. 

The woman talked about it to Sister Debby from a local Christ Embassy church. Sister Debby advised the woman to watch the July edition of Healing Streams again. 

The woman decided to watch all three days in a row. On the second day, Pastor Chris prayed for people suffering from blood issues. That was the moment when the woman felt something left her. 

When the doctors receive the test results, they were still confused and could not say what was going on. However, by that time, the woman stopped bleeding. 

On the same day, the woman felt better and left the hospital to go home. 

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