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Published on May 23rd, 2021 | by Alberto Krinsky


Revealed: How Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Gathered Millions for Global Ministers’ Classroom

Expectations were high for Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Global Ministers’ Classroom – an online event that ended up being watched by 40 million pastors worldwide.

The Global Ministers’ Classroom, which consisted of 24 hours of interactive programs and teaching sessions, was broadcast live from Nigeria to the world from Friday, May 21st to Saturday, May 22nd.

Church leaders, pastors, ministry leaders and executives, ministry staff and all categories of church workers from around the globe were invited to join the seminar to learn how to become ministers while existing pastors would be taught how to improve the way that they minister.

Pastor Chris: “The spiritual realm is the realm of life”

Several Christ Embassy pastors were on the list of speakers at the event, including the founder and president, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

He, for instance, talked about the word of God.

“You have the spoken word, the written word and the living word. The spoken word came through the prophets, the written word was delivered to us in scripture, and the living word is Jesus made flesh. God’s word made flesh in Jesus,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said during the first hours of Global Ministers’ Classroom.

“The ministry which we are a part of is a spiritual ministry, and our sacrifices are also spiritual. This is very important. You know, God moved from the sacrifice of goats to the spiritual ministry. The priesthood was moved from earthly things to spiritual things. The sacrifices of earthly things to spiritual things,” he explained and added:

“So, the ministry that we are in today is spiritual. Prior to Jesus coming, what they had was the shadow of the real. It was just a shadow of good things to come.”

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome then went on to talk about the earthly and the spiritual realm.

“The spiritual realm is a real realm of life. In fact, it is more tangible than the earthly realm. It is more real than our earthly realm because it gave birth to this. The spiritual came first… God created the Heaven and the Earth,” he stated.

Pastor Benny Hinn spoke at the Global Ministers’ Classroom

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s friend and fellow man of God Pastor Benny Hinn also joined the Global Ministers’ Classroom.

”Without the Holy Spirit we would not have had Christianity. The Holy Spirit is Christ without the limitation of the flesh. He is the limitless, Christ, because Jesus was limited in the flesh here on Earth. Today, by the spirit he is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent all over the Earth,” he explained.

He also underlined the importance of waiting on God through prayer before ministering to others.

“Waiting upon the Lord gives our bodies the opportunity to be disciplined. It quickens our bodies and when we are quickened, we are strengthened. Ministering to the Lord is key before ministering to the crowd,” he added.

The speakers also taught participants divine strategies for effective soul-winning and evangelism.

“As ministers of the gospel, your main focus should be raising your members to be soul-winning passionate. One of your main responsibilities is to pray and intercede for your members to be soul winners. It is important as a minister to constantly intercede for your members,” Pastor Joy Amenkhienan, Zonal Director of Christ Embassy Port Harcourt, said.

Pastor Chris equips ministers before the rapture

This year’s edition of Global Ministers’ Classroom was the third of its kind, and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome had chosen to focus on equipping pastors better before the rapture.

Last year, he prophesized that Jesus Christ will come back to Earth within 10 years.

Apart from that, this year’s Global Ministers’ Classroom also differed from previous years because of a new initiative called “Pastor Chris Gives You a Gift.”

Participants could sign up for the competition and win various musical instruments and pulpits for their churches.

The Global Classroom Organizing Committee also encouraged churches to serve as physical classrooms so participants could watch the Global Ministers’ Classroom together in church.

The event was organized by the International School of Ministry, which is a subsidiary of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Christ Embassy congregation.

Every year, the International School of Ministry hosts multiple online and offline pastor training sessions and pastor courses, where it teaches people how to become pastors.

Since its establishment in 2007, the organization has trained thousands of people from all over the world to become pastors.

“Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris” is back

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will be back live on screen again soon, as he has announced that his prayer series, “Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris” is set to return from Monday, June 7th to Friday, June 11th.

The most recent phase of the show ran in the middle of May.

Like in the previous phase of “Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris,” the Christ Embassy president began to discuss the lives of the saints.

“I am going to go in that direction in some parts of this phase because there is a lot for us to talk about, and we have not even scratched the surface of the subject. I was barely introducing that to you. I hope that we can into some parts of it,” he said.

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