Events Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris are coming in November 4th–5th. Those who want to participate can register for the program now.

Published on October 12th, 2022 | by Gabriele Adbbe


Registration for Healing Streams Live in November is Open

A new edition of Healing Streams Live Healing Services is coming on November 4th–5th. Those who want to participate can register now on the Healing School’s official website. 

The program will take airwaves on all LoveWorld channels and digital platforms at 3 PM GMT+1 daily. 

LoveWorld members can support Healing Streams Live by creating a virtual center for a broadcast or becoming a partner. 

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will lead the healing crusade for the third time in the year of Gathering Clouds. Our man of God will relieve the pain and cast out the demons of diseases.  

The November edition of the Healing Streams Live is one more chance to think about Jesus’ power of healing. Pastor Chris wrote about this in his best-selling book ‘Rhapsody of Realities’ in the chapter ‘Power to heal’: 

“Jesus gave us power to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease; not some manner, but ALL. So, it makes no difference what the case is; you have power to heal it.” 

In another chapter titled ‘He wants you in health’, Pastor Chris adds: 

“Divine healing is one of the beginning stages of a greater life. Healing is wonderful, but there’s a greater life than healing. God doesn’t want you to live in the realm of getting healed from one sickness or the other every now and then. He wants you to come to a place of victory, where you understand divine health, which is greater than divine healing” 

A woman can hear with her right ear after Healing Streams Live 

The previous edition of Healing Streams Live proved that divine miracles of healing still exist. After July 29th–31st, many people testified about being free from their sickness by the power of God. 

One of them was Georgette, a 71-year-old woman from Hawaii. Georgette worked as an airport driver for many years. This work has a strong disadvantage as exposure to extremely loud sounds from machines and airplanes is part of the job. As a result, Georgette started going deaf. 

Most of all, Georgette suffered from deafness in her right ear. Health issues affected her day-to-day life and socialization. Talking with relatives and friends became more challenging for Georgette. She even struggled in the church as she could not hear what was said during services and training. 

Georgette heard about Healing Streams Live through announcements at her church. She watched the program on Friday when Pastor Chris said to put a hand on whenever healing is needed. Georgette covered her right ear with a hand and thanked God for her healing. 

That was enough for Georgette to wake up a few days later to a loud sound coming from her right ear! She can watch TV, use a phone, talk to others, and participate in services without any fear to miss something. 

Full of gratitude and praises to God and Pastor Chris, Georgette says: 

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you, Pastor Chris, for yielding to the Holy Spirit and creating the platform to receive my miracle. Thank you, sir, for all that you’re doing, and continue to do. I pray increased grace upon your life, sir. I love you dearly.”

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