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Published on April 18th, 2022 | by Gabriele Adbbe


Register today: Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris set to impact millions

It is that time of the year. In just 11 days, the annual Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris kicks off, and ministers, youth pastors, Evangelists, teachers and other people associated with the church are invited.

The free online event begins on Friday, April 29th at 2 PM GMT+1 and concludes 24 hours later.

Registrations for the Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris take place on the International School of Ministry’s website.

The ministry, which is an educational arm of the pastor’s Christ Embassy congregation, is organizing the event for the fourth time.

When it is not preparing the Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris, it holds online and on-site pastor training sessions for people who want to become ministers of the gospel.

The organization was founded in 2007 and has trained thousands of people from all over the world in becoming pastors since then.

Strategic insight for the end-time harvest

At the Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris, attendants will be equipped with strategic insight for the end-time harvest, and they can expect an increased focus on the mission and purpose of the church.

Participants also get the opportunity to network with other church associates.

That is, for instance, possible through the physical and virtual classrooms that churches and people can sign up to host.

They enable participants to gather and join the festivities together.

40 million people participated in the Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris

At last year’s Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris, 40 million ministers, bishops and other people associated with the church participated in the program.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and other seasoned Christ Embassy ministers went on stage to teach divine strategies for effective soul-winning and Evangelism.

“You have the spoken word, the written word and the living word. The spoken word came through the prophets, the written word was delivered to us in scripture, and the living word is Jesus made flesh. God’s word made flesh in Jesus,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome announced and continued:

“The ministry which we are a part of is a spiritual ministry, and our sacrifices are also spiritual. This is very important. You know, God moved from the sacrifice of goats to the spiritual ministry. The priesthood was moved from earthly things to spiritual things. The sacrifices of earthly things to spiritual things.”

“So, the ministry that we are in today is spiritual. Prior to Jesus coming, what they had was the shadow of the real. It was just a shadow of good things to come,” the pastor added before talking about the earthly and spiritual realms.

“The spiritual realm is a real realm of life. In fact, it is more tangible than the earthly realm. It is more real than our earthly realm because it gave birth to this. The spiritual came first… God created the Heaven and the Earth,” he said.

Attendees thank Pastor Chris for his teachings

In the wake of the 2021 Global Ministers’ Classroom, the internet was flooded with testimonies from participants.

“God gave us the hearts and ministers in the Christian Association of Nigeria, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Bishop of Ministries, and they all opened and gave their database for ISM. Some of them have already registered for the ISM 1-year online Bible training. A minister who would not as much want the use of the Rhapsody Dailies in his home has now approved it as an Evangelism and soul-winning material for his ministry,” Pastor Madeline Teo Yan from Australia said.

“Glory to God! During the Global Ministers’ Classroom, I receive a new revelation of the word of God through the man of God. My eye pulp opens to new reality and truth of the word of God. The word of pastor came to me anew to my spirit. His word is like gold, and I will never trade it with whatsoever. The word of a man of God is practical and applicable to our daily life and supernatural realm exercising the life of immortal. Hallelujah,” Pastor Rene Badjan from Gambia wrote.

Participant: “The Global Ministers Classroom with Pastor Chris was a great moment of illumination”

Pastor Alexandre Ottou from Cameroon also expressed his gratitude after the event.

“I want to thank our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for his grace because he made GMC possible. All glory to the master. I want to thank my father, Pastor Chris, for the GMC. It was such a great moment of illumination for me by the word. I was so blessed by the expose of pastor on truth and facts. Thank you, sir. I came out of GMC with a greater grace and glory I cannot wait for the next GMA. Praise the Lord, Jesus Christ,” he said.

Pastor Carlin Govender from South Africa was also very pleased with the Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris in 2021.

“God has been so faithful to me and my ministry, and he brought Pastor Chris my way to train in ministry. When I heard about GMC, I knew it was God’s message for this time to minister. My ministry has been upgraded with new ability. I will share this message to all ministers of the gospel I come across. Thank you so much, pastor,” he said.

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