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Prepare Yourselves for The International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference of 2018

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is bringing us another blessed event. The International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference of 2018 is coming back this November. From the 12th-18th at the LoveWorld Convocation Arena, thousands of delegates will convene in the inspiring House of God and will witness the bountiful gifts that He has to offer.

The world’s most respected and esteemed ministers and dignitaries of the Believers LoveWorld ministry will impart on a week-long journey where they will absorb the ways of the Lord. The conference will prepare participants and equip them as champions on the “front of the spiritual warfare for the souls of men.”

Get Ready

The week-long conglomeration will contain an array of meticulously planned workshops, seminars and lectures that promise to empower, educate and inspire all. The massive event is also filled with artistic and musical performances, as well as a glamorous award ceremony that will celebrate the outstanding achievements of pastors and partners’ extensive creative work and illustrious artistic careers.

Pastor Joy Amenkhienan, chairperson of the IPPC 2018 tells us to “prepare our hearts.” In just 5 weeks, the event will help you “sew your seed”

Last year’s Highlights

Last year the event marked its 30th year since it was birthed “by the Spirit of God.” The number 30 holds a particularly high level of value as it appears repeatedly in the scripture. BLW CEO, Pastor Deola Philips, has said that this number signifies a ‘new level of operation’. Although this relevant to last year’s event, it is fair to say that the International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference of 2018 will be no less spectacular.

Pastor Chris minsters at the IPPC 2017

Pastor Chris minsters at the IPPC 2017

Moments of Transformation

Last year Pastor Chris brought up a number of crucial themes that contributed to the transformations of the thousands of leaders present at the IPPC.
He addressed the crowds not simply as minsters of the church, but rather as Christians — those who have been recreated and filled with the Holy Spirit. He expressed that each and every one of the individuals sitting before him were one with God and “the Holy Spirit brings you into the presence of God…you are now in the presence of God, and you are the presence of God!”

Glamours performances at the IPPC 2017

Pastor Chris has “enlightened delegates with scriptural truths on the divine presence of God.” Pastor Chris explained the roles of all humans to be an “ark of God”.
Also included the previous year’s sermons, was the subject of eternal damnation saying, “if you understand what this means, you’ll weep (cry) in your intercessory prayers like you were being thrown into hell until you are sure of their salvation.”

Crowds undergoing spiritual transformations at the IPPC 2017

Crowds undergoing spiritual transformations at the IPPC 2017

These various moments culminated to be a trans-formative moment for all attendants. It was certainly a defining moment in the history of spiritual ministry and will be so once again. Prepare for  momentous occasion that will dazzle the spirit, awaken and empower and heal.

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