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Published on May 24th, 2022 | by Alberto Krinsky


Praise with Understanding from Pastor Chris

As the ‘Month of Praise’ draws to a close, our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has introduced a 14-day exposé study program on Praise with Understanding, designed to promote the attitude of constant giving of praises to the Lord with the understanding of how it should be done from the Word of God.

It is not too late to join, and you can follow some easy steps to take part in the inspiring lessons of understanding praise.

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This month was not the first ‘Month of Praise’ that Pastor Chris has declared. There have been a few.

In November last year, he said: “Praise is one of the most devastating weapons of war; it completely shatters the walls of the enemy.”

“It’s a long war! Serve wholeheartedly! Remember your rank in God’s army! With Praise in front and the word of God in our mouth, we remain on the offensive!” Pastor Chris said on day 3 of the study.

Pastor Chris has given us many words of wisdom and inspiration on the topic of praise: “Praise is a form of worship. Offering sacrifices of praise produces power! All your needs are met through the active power of God’s glory working inside you.”

Pastor Chris’ Teachings: Worship will bring you to a place of Power

One of the greatest lessons he taught us is that true worship would bring us to a place of power.

Pastor Chris teaches us that the New Testament of the Bible has its foundation from the Old Testament, he goes on to say that there was no preaching or praying going on at the sanctuary at the time it was built. The Man of God explains that the sanctuary of God was built for the sole purpose of sacrifices, saying:

“Praise is a form of worship as much as thanksgiving is a form of worship to God; God wants His children to learn His word properly so as to return the true meaning of praise and worship to the house of God.”

As Pastor Chris welcomed the month of May at the Global Communion Service and Praise Night, he said: “While I was praying and asking the Lord about the month of May, I was quite fascinated that He said that the month of May is the Month of Praise.”

“You know, last year, the month of August was the Month of Praise, but He tells us that this month is a Month of Praise, and I got excited about it because we are even going to be preparing all of those songs that we are going to be singing in June, unending praise. So, we are getting ready. Make sure your church is getting ready. Make sure that you are going to have a part of this because it takes thousands, many many thousands of groups to get this done. And we will be preparing,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said.

The Month to come…

Pastor Chris revealed at the May Global Communion Service that June will be the ‘Month of Unending Praise’ when he said:

“The month of June is usually our Month of Prayer. If you have been careful to observe, you would notice that every year, the month of June is a Month of Prayer. So, this coming month of June is going to be a Month of Prayer with a difference. So, throughout the month of June, we will have unending praise.”

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