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Published on January 11th, 2022 | by Alberto Krinsky


Pastor Chris to host first Praise Night of 2022

On Sunday, January 16th, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome presents the first Praise Night of the Year of the Gathering Clouds.

The show airs on all LoveWorld tv channels and digital platforms at 4 PM GMT+1.

The Praise Night will see Pastor Chris Oyakhilome teach the viewers about praise and praising God with understanding.

In 2021, the Year of Preparation, the pastor held several Praise Nights.

The return of “Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris”

The Praise Night is slated for two days after the first phase of the fifth season of “Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris” is set to end.

The show airs every day at 7 PM GMT+1 from Wednesday, January 12th to Friday, January 14th.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome initiated the prayer show in the spring of 2020 in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

His congregation loves the show, so it has been extended over and over again since then.

In between the “Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris” sessions, the pastor has held multiple Global Days of Prayer.

Two years of Global Days of Prayer

At September’s Global Day of Prayer, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome touched upon his first Global Day of Prayer, which took place in March 2020.

“As many of you would remember, we started this in March 2020. 27th of March… We began leading in prayer, and Pastor Benny Hinn and I led that particular session. We began this journey of prayer as the Lord was leading us, and I shared a lot of things with you about the day in which we are living,” he said.

“I showed you from the scriptures what was going on and how to respond to effect changes. I told you what the plan was. I told you about the plans of the wicked one. I told you that Satan was behind his evil work. The work of darkness,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome added.

13 million followers

At the September service, the pastor also talked about how God conquered the world for us.

“Your name is exhorted above all. You are exhorted above all… Because you are greater than all. Thank you for making us your own. Thank you that we belong to you. Thank you for giving us your spirit. Thank you. You have made us more than conquerors, and you conquered the whole world for us,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said.

“You gave us the victory. And now, in your mighty name, we subdue to nations. We subdue to nations. We subdue to evil spirits of darkness. We subdue them. We silence them by the authority of the name of the Lord, Jesus. We subdue them,” he continued.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the founder and leader of the Christ Embassy church, or LoveWorld Inc. as it is also known as.

He founded the church in Nigeria in 1987. It has, since then, grown to have about 13 million followers all over the world.

The majority of them are based in Nigeria, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

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