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Published on March 27th, 2022 | by Alberto Krinsky


Pastor Chris: “The beautiful thing about prayer is that God answers”

“The beautiful thing about prayer is that God hears and answers,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome declared at the Global Day of Prayer from Friday, March 25th to Saturday, March 26th.

The Global Day of Prayer was Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s ninth prayer day overall but the first one in 2022.

Pastors from all over the world joined him in ministering to the global online audience.

“I want to thank all of the ministers of the gospel who did this for us since last night. Thank you all very, very much. Thank you for blessing us in God’s word to build faith and also leading us in prayer,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said.

During the Global Day of Prayer, the pastor also highlighted how God uses His people as instruments.

“You are an instrument of God. God is using me to bless others. Say, ‘I am an instrument of God, and God is using me to bless others.’ Right now, I want you… In this next session of prayer, just to thank Him. Use all the words that God will put in your heart to thank Him. Thank Him for His love, for His grace, for His kindness,” he stated.

Pastor Chris on God’s plan: “This is what He wants for you”

At the event, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome also touched upon the importance of praying.

“The beautiful thing about prayer is that God answers. He told us to pray because He intended to answer, and that is what gives a real meaning to prayer,” he said and continued:

“Pray for your city, pray for your country because that is what He wants you to do. It is God’s plan. He told you to pray for leaders.”

The Global Day of Prayer marked the two-year anniversary of the pastor’s first prayer day, which he held with Pastor Benny Hinn as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In March 2021, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome also hosted a Global Day of Prayer, where he reminisced upon the first prayer day in 2020.

“A year ago, precisely on the 27th of the month of March 2020, Pastor Benny Hinn and I led a global prayer meeting because we realized that what was happening in the world and nations had been seized, gripped with fear and did not know where to turn,” he said.

“They had no idea what was going on. Families were afraid, men and women were afraid, children were afraid, governments were afraid, and some government leaders called it an unknown enemy. They said, ‘how can we fight this unknown enemy?’ Well, at the time when we called for that prayer program, ministers around the world joined us by the millions,” he added.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome put special focus on the unity that people felt during the first Global Day of Prayer.

“God’s people all over the world joined us from so many churches and ministries around the world, including groups that often did not speak to each other, but there was a unity of spirit that we all experienced. 27th of March 2020. And because we prayed, the spirit of God gave us guidance,” he said.

Global Ministers’ Classroom kicks off in April

This weekend, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome also revealed that a new Global Ministers’ Classroom will take place from Friday, April 29th to Saturday, April 30th.

Pastors, youth pastors and ministry leaders from all over the globe can participate in the free online event.

You can register for the event, which will be the first of its kind this year, on the Global Ministers’ Classroom’s website.

The Global Ministers’ Classroom is a specialized program for prayer, fellowship, strategy and the word for pastors all over the world.

According to the International School of Ministry, which organizes the event, participants can expect an increased focus on the mission and purpose of the church, strategic insight for the end-time harvest and networking with million of ministers from around the world.

Becoming equipped for the rapture

The most recent Global Ministers’ Classroom event took place in May 2021.

At last year’s session, the program focused on pastors becoming better equipped before the rapture.

Despite it being a free online ministry course, it did not mean that you should not enjoy it with others.

The Global Classroom Organizing Committee encouraged churches to open their doors and act as physical classrooms where participants could watch the Global Ministers’ Classroom together.

Every year, the organizer, the International School of Ministry, hosts multiple online and offline pastor training sessions and pastor courses, where it teaches people how to become pastors.

Since its establishment in 2007, the organization has trained thousands of people from all over the world to become pastors.

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