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Published on October 29th, 2020 | by Alberto Krinsky


Pastor Chris rounds off WordFest with 24-hour Extravaganza

When WordFest 2 reaches its climax on Friday, October 30th, it will be celebrated with a 24-hour WordFest Extravaganza.

The highly anticipated event kicks off at 6 PM GMT+1 and lasts until Saturday, October 31st at 6 PM GMT+1, marking the end of almost a month of divine messages.

As the title of the program implies, it is not the first round of WordFest. The first season aired from May to June and got several Christ Embassy members involved.

WordFest is a special festival of meditation on God’s word, and the concept is that existing and new subscribers to the Pastor Chris Digital Library can get free access to divine messages from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome through the WordFest program.

Subscribers can watch, listen to and meditate on a specifically selected message every day, as each day has a new theme.

Along with the daily message comes a study guide, which simplifies the meaning of the divine words.

According to the LoveWorld Nation, WordFest’s purpose is to build up and strengthen the faith of God’s people during this time of adversity that the world is facing.

Like WordFest 2, the first season also culminated with a 24-hour live WordFest Extravaganza with Pastor Chris and special guests. Testimonies, exhortations and divine messages were also part of the show.

On October 28th, Pastor Ruth Musarurwa shared the message of the day, “An Understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” online with LoveWorld believers and said the following:

“The quality of your life is determined by the knowledge of the word of God you have. You cannot say that you know God when you do not have the knowledge of His word because the word of God is God.”


Pastor Chris to reveal new theme of November

The WordFest Extravaganza takes place in a weekend full of events for Pastor Chris’ congregation.

His widely popular “Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris” prayer series finishes its phase seven of season two on Friday, October 30th, and on Sunday, November 1st, the pastor presents the new theme of the month at the monthly Global Communion Service.

In the LoveWorld Nation, every month has a theme, and it is being presented by Chris Oyakhilome on the first Sunday of each month.

This year, in the Year of Perfection, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has, so far, led his congregation through the Month of Songs (February), the Month of Knowledge (March), the Month of Continuing Fasting and Praying (April), the Month of Opening (May), the Month of Prayer (June), the Month of Productivity (July), the Month of Recovery (August), the Month of Wisdom (September) and now the Month of Proclamation (October).

This month, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has hosted two phases of “Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris,” and he has guided the Christ Embassy congregation through WordFest 2.

Additionally, LoveWorld members in Nigeria have celebrated their 60th Independence Day by passing Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s daily devotional, “Rhapsody of Realities,” around to people in the streets.

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