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Published on September 19th, 2022 | by Gabriele Adbbe


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: “The real hope of the world is the Church”

Last week, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome hosted Your LoveWorld Specials Season 6 Phase 2. The program took to the airwaves from Wednesday, September 14th, to Friday, September 16th.

The program is running for the third year in a row. Since 2020, LoveWorld’s congregation get together to listen to Pastor Chris’ profound teachings and learn more revelations from the Bible. Season 6 Phase 2 was also full of sincere confessions and worship songs that struck to the heart.

During the three broadcasts, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said numerous wise things on different aspects of the Christian life. For example, our man of God believes that the hope for the modern world should be the Church, but not politicians and state governors. On the first day of the program, he declared:

“The real hope of the world is the Church. The politicians are not the hope of any nation. These people have turned their cities and nations into places of melancholia.”

In addition, Pastor Chris talked about the testaments, Christianity, our relationships with God, and many more. Many thoughts of the Christ Embassy’s founder were so encouraging and inspiring that it is impossible not to share them here.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s words of wisdom on Your LoveWorld

Season 6 Phase 2 is over, but you can relieve the riveting moments of the program. Here are the most uplifting quotes from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome from the latest to-date phase of Your LoveWorld Specials:

“There is a huge difference between the life of the Old Testament and the life of the new. In the Old Testament, they were told to obey the commandments. In the New Testament, we are not called to obey, we are called to live.”

“Christianity began from the resurrection, not from the death or before the death.”

“There is a spirit of truth and a spirit of deception. We are of God and those that are not of God do not hear us.”

“God wants you to create the world that you are supposed to be living in. You are the solution. It is our job to know the truth and manifest it.”

“An ignorant man with power is a dangerous man.”

“Declare who you are. Be bold to say it in your world. Darkness bows before you. The evil shall bow before the good and the wicked at the gates of the righteous.”

“In a world of darkness, deception, falsehood; there is a need for the manifestation of truth.”

“Success in life does not depend on those books you were reading.”

“Did you know that in the realm of the spirit we look like stars? The very way you look up at night and see stars, that’s how they look down and see stars. These are sons of God. Shine as stars.”

Expectations soared high

Your LoveWorld Specials is one of the programs Christ Embassy’s members expect the most. This time was not an exception as people were waiting for a new phase literally everywhere in the world.

An official KingsChat account of Global Youth Leader’s Forum (GYLF) shared photos of the LoveWorld members watching the program. There were participants from Portugal, the UK, the USA, South Africa, France, Belgium, Zimbabwe, and Botswana to name a few.

People share not only pictures but also their personal stories about how Your LoveWorld Specials impacted them. This is a testimony shared with the KingsChat official page:

“We had a commoving experience last week with our MOG on Your LoveWorld Specials as he expounded on the scriptures again in a new light. From Debacles from Davos to Tobias, Sarah, Asmodeus, the list goes on! He admonished us as is ubiquitous with him not to give into deception and fear. The more Pastor shares these things with us the more strengthened we are to know the devil has no place and that this world has been given to the body of Christ.”

The author of the testimony continues:

“We reign and we enforce God’s will regardless of what is proliferated by media propaganda, so we are not moved. Once the fear of your adversary is removed his influence over you and your decisions are benumbed.”

We recommend you visit the social media platform and read the full testimony. It is a teaching story about how to apply Pastor Chris’ lessons to situations in real life.

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