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Published on November 9th, 2021 | by Alberto Krinsky


Pastor Chris declares November to be the Month to Watch and Pray

At the recent Global Communion Service on Sunday, November 7th, the LoveWorld president, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, named November the Month to Watch and Pray.

“This month of November is a special month for you. You will walk in manyfold blessings. No evil shall before you. The Lord is your protection, your protector, your strength and strengthener, your salvation everywhere you go,” he said before the audience and online viewers.

“Glory is at work in you. You walk in wisdom in the name of the Lord Jesus. You would know what to do at every point. You have solution because you are a solution in the name of the Lord Jesus. You are the glory of Christ,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome added.

Watch the Global Communion Service at the bottom of this article.

Pastor Chris’ two Months of Visualization

As the LoveWorld congregation entered the Month to Watch and Pray, it exited two Months of Visualization.

“I am going to explain just a couple of things to you for this month. This month of September is the Month of Visualization. God wants us to use our visual powers. He wants us to use them, and he is going to use yours. This is important,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said at September’s Global Communion Service.

“This month, you are going to use the visual powers to create the circumstances that you want. Hallelujah! We will use it for our families, we use it for our communities, we use it for our cities, and we use it for our nations,” the pastor added.

In October, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome also declared it to be the Month of Visualization.

“The Lord has graciously given us the opportunity to have even this month of October as the Month of Visualization. I think it spares the importance of it and what the Lord wants. I believe that there are some key things that many of us have not taken advantage of and for which reason, the Lord is pressing further,” the LoveWorld president stated and continued:

“It is our Month of Visualization. God actually wants you to see the unseen. See it with a heart of purity. A heart of righteousness, and God will show you this pure dream, pure vision. What a pure desire in your heart. Not earthly, not worldly, not carnal dreams of men.”

Lots of November LoveWorld events

November is full of exciting Pastor Chris Oyakhilome events.

The first one is the International Media Connectors’ Conference from Sunday, November 14th to Tuesday, November 16th followed by the International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference from Monday, November 15th to Sunday, November 21st.

The International Teens Pastors’ and Leaders Conference runs from Monday, November 15th to Wednesday, November 17th, and a new phase of “Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris” will premiere on Wednesday, November 24th and run until and including Saturday, November 27th.

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