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Pastor Chris Declares July as the Month of Joy

July is set to be a joyous festivity of celebrations, fellowship, and praise to God, as declared by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome during the recent Global Communion Service. The announcement of July as ‘the month of joy’ sparked jubilation among the global congregation, marking a special direction from the Lord for this season.

The Message from Pastor Chris

“This is the directive from the Lord for us at this time,” Pastor Chris emphasized during the service, explaining the significance of joy as the theme for July 2022.

He encouraged believers worldwide to maintain a continuous state of joy throughout the entire month. His message resonated, inspiring the global saints to engage in songs of praise, prayers, exhortations, testimonies, and festive gatherings with food and drinks.

Pastor Chris highlighted the importance of these “love feasts,” not just as social gatherings but as moments of fellowship in the presence of the Lord.

It’s the Joy of the Lord

“It’s the joy of the Lord, and expressing that joy is a sacrifice to Him,” Pastor Chris reiterated, underscoring the spiritual significance of joyous celebrations.

The announcement was met with enthusiastic cheers and reaffirmed during the Global Communion Service held on Sunday, July 7th.

Reflecting on the essence of July as ‘the Month of Joy,’ Pastor Chris urged believers to organize gatherings in their local churches and groups, celebrating in the presence of God throughout the month.

He stressed the importance of prayers, praises, and testimonies shared during these gatherings, encouraging God’s people to maintain a spirit of joy continuously.

Pastor Chris’s guidance shines brightly

As believers enter into this season of joy, Pastor Chris’s guidance serves as a beacon of inspiration. “During this month of joy, as it is convenient for every church, there are those who can celebrate daily, and others weekly,” he advised.

“Whichever is suitable for you, engage in fellowship, sharing meals, and rejoicing in God’s presence. Share testimonies and pray together—these actions are crucial throughout this joyful month.”

Challenges will be easily overcome

Congratulations to the LoveWorld community as they embrace and celebrate the Month of Joy. Pastor Chris’s words resonate with increased grace and divine favor upon each believer’s life. Challenges that seemed insurmountable will now be easily overcome, and solutions will manifest effortlessly.

This season marks a time of heightened spiritual empowerment and blessings for all who partake in the joyous celebrations.

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