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Published on February 9th, 2021 | by Alberto Krinsky


Pastor Chris declares February to be the Month of Grace

During this weekend’s Global Communion Service, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome announced that February is the Month of Grace in the LoveWorld Nation.

“This month of February is the Month of Grace, and what the Lord is saying to us about this month is that more grace is being released. He gives more grace. I have shared with you before… There are those who think they need a double anointing, there are those who think they need more anointing. There is no place in the world of God in the scriptures that talks about more anointing. You do not get more anointing. What God gives is more grace,” the pastor said during the 11-hour long service.

“Remember, the life that he has brought us into is grace to grace. In fact, the margins are grace heaped upon grace. That is amazing. There is so much grace that you can take… It is amazing how we walk all the time, ignoring the grace that we could have,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome added.

The Christ Embassy President has already scheduled one event for the Month of Grace.

In January, he held 8 Days of Meditation, and this program is set to be reintroduced in February, though no specific dates have been announced yet.

Pastor Chris’ first round of 8 Days of Meditation ran from Sunday, January 10th to Monday, January 18th, and every day, LoveWorld followers got a new message of God’s word to meditate on.

Last year, Chris Oyakhilome hosted two seasons of WordFest, which is a program similar to 8 Days of Meditation.


Pastor Chris names each year and month

In the LoveWorld Nation, every month and every year has a theme. January, the Month of Celebration, was the first month of the Year of Preparation.

When Pastor Chris Oyakhilome announced that 2021 would be the Year of Preparation, he did it with these words:

“2021 is the Year of Preparation. In Heaven, preparation is being made, and I look… And all over the world, angels are out preparing people, helping with the word of God all over the world. I saw them working and working and working. I saw that the things around them did not matter. They were not distracted by the activities around them. They were just busy preparing people,” he said and continued:

“Why are they ignoring the things around them? They said that this is more important. ‘We are getting them set.’ Why? The Lord is coming soon. I looked, and behold, in the world of darkness, preparations were taking place. What are they preparing for? They are preparing for war because they know their time is short,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome stated.

Prayers against COVID-19

During 2020, which was the Year of Perfection, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome led his Christ Embassy congregation through the Month of Songs, the Month of Knowledge, the Month of Continuing Fasting and Praying, the Month of Opening, the Month of Prayer, the Month of Productivity, the Month of Wisdom, the Month of Proclamation, the Month of Praise and finally the Month of Thanksgiving.

The Year of Perfection was heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which still has a firm grip on the world.

On March 27th, 2020, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn put together a Global Day of Prayer against the coronavirus. The show became an instant success and gathered billions of online viewers.

Global Days of Prayer were on the program again in June, September and December 2020, and in between, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome hosted daily “Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris” specials for a week at a time.

As of now, more than 90 episodes have been produced and more will follow during the Year of Preparation.


Pastor Chris’ highlights of the Year of Perfection

Except for the Global Days of Prayer, one of the highlights of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Year of Perfection was his three-day Global Fasting and Praying session in May, the Month of Opening.

In July, the Month of Productivity, the popular “Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris” broadcasts continued, and the LoveWorld Nation announced an online Social Media Week.

The Social Media Week received praising words from the pastor, who called it “very powerful, enlightening and empowering.”

Shortly after the Social Media Week ended, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome announced that August would be the Month of Recovery. He and Pastor Benny Hinn ended that month with a five-day-long Praise-A-Thon.

In September, the Month of Wisdom, the LoveWorld Nation started building a LoveWorld Medical Center in Nigeria, and in October, the “Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris” prayer series continued, while the second season of WordFest was initiated.

In November, the Month of Praise, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome invited thousands of people from all over the world to Nigeria to participate in several LoveWorld events.

Those included the International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference, the International Media Connectors’ Conference, the LoveWorld Exhibition, the International Teens Pastors’ & Leaders’ Conference, the IPPC Presidential Awards and LIMA Awards.

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