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Published on April 4th, 2022 | by Gabriele Adbbe


Pastor Chris declares April to be the ‘Month for Watching and Praying’

April is the ‘Month for Watching and Praying,’ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome revealed at his highly anticipated Global Communion Service on Sunday, April 3rd.

The pastor disclosed the new theme to his global online audience, which was watching him from all corners of the world.

“This month, like six months ago, is the ‘Month for Watching and Praying.’ Meditate on these verses that I read to you. Meditate on them. You have to learn how to watch in the spirit. If you do not know the scriptures, then it will be difficult for you to watch. What are you going to be watching for? And what are you going to be watching with?” the pastor asked and continued:

“It is through the knowledge of God’s word that you watch because then you look at your word, and you can interpret the word with the word of God. You can interpret circumstances, you can interpret things that are happening in the world with the knowledge of the word of God. So, you know, the time in which you live, the day in which you live, and how God wants you to live. So, this month, pay close attention to God’s word like never before. Watch and pray.”

Finally, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome emphasized why it is so important to pray.

“Give attention to prayer by praying. He says, ‘watch and pray always.’ We saw that in Saint Luke’s gospel. Pray always that you may be accounted worthy to skip all of these things that come upon the world. Pray always. Be a prayerful man. Be a prayerful woman. Every child of God should be prayerful,” he stated.

Watching and praying like in November

As Pastor Chris Oyakhilome mentioned, it is not the first time that he has encouraged his congregation to watch and pray.

He did that in November too, when it was the ‘Month to Watch and Pray.’

“This month of November is a special month for you. You will walk in manyfold blessings. No evil shall before you. The Lord is your protection, your protector, your strength and strengthener, your salvation everywhere you go,” the pastor announced in November.

“Glory is at work in you. You walk in wisdom in the name of the Lord Jesus. You would know what to do at every point. You have solution because you are a solution in the name of the Lord Jesus. You are the glory of Christ,” he added.

Pastor Chris’s Praise Night returns in April

In April, the LoveWorld congregation can look forward to a Praise Night and the third phase of the fifth season of “Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris,” among other things.

The Praise Night, which is the first of its kind in 2022, takes place on Sunday, April 10th. It will be up for live streaming on all LoveWorld tv channels and digital platforms.

At the most recent Praise Night, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome underlined the difference between celebrating God and men.

“When we honor God, we say that we glorify God. When we celebrate men, we do not say that we celebrate them. The terms are different. So, we can dance in celebration of men. We can clap, applaud in celebration of men. So, in a sense, what you are doing is that you are praising them for what they have done or represented. So, you are praising them in a sense. But when you praise God, you do not, say the same things. You offer thanksgiving,” he explained.

“You do not dance to God the way that you dance to men. It is not the same. You can dance to men in celebrating them. You can applaud them. You do not applaud God,” the pastor added.

“Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris” is back

From Tuesday, April 19th to Friday, April 22nd, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will also be hosting another “Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris” prayer series.

Phase two of the popular show was held in February, where the pastor thanked God for his grace, among other things

“Father, in the name of the Lord, Jesus, we worship you, we honor you. Thank you for your love, for your grace, for your kindness, thank you for the ministry of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Lord, you are great. Beyond description. All the Earth is yours. All the nations belong to you, and all of us are the works of your hands. Thank you,” he said.

“Thank you for your amazing grace and your love. Thank you for the holy scriptures. Thank you for teaching us things concerning the kingdom of God. Thank you for giving us understanding – that we may know you. The only true God. And Jesus, whom you have sent. Thank you for revealing the truth to our spirits,” he added.

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