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Published on January 2nd, 2022 | by Gabriele Adbbe


Pastor Chris declares 2022 to be the Year of the Gathering Clouds

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome named 2022 the Year of the Gathering Clouds at his New Year’s Eve Service on Friday, December 31st.

The pastor is known for naming every year and each month. He called 2021 the Year of Preparation.

At the New Year’s Eve Service, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome underlined that there are many gathering clouds upon us.

“2022 is the ‘Year of the Gathering Clouds.’ The clouds are gathering. This is the year for these gathering clouds to fulfill their purpose. You know, in these you have several gathering clouds. But my plan tonight is to tell you about the most important gathering clouds,” the Christ Embassy president explained and continued:

“There are gathering clouds of evil, I must say, and the Bible speaks of them. Gathering clouds of unrest. Gathering clouds of wickedness. Gathering clouds of war.”

“I told you several months back in 2021 about the polarization of the world. Many did not yet understand the significance of that, but if you understand that what is happening is not only the polarization within communities and homes, which was seen to a greater degree than ever before… Lots of divisions. But if you look at the geopolitics of the world, you will observe the gathering clouds,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome added.

Pastor Chris’ special guests

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome had three special guests joining him at the New Year’s Eve Service.

They included Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao, the founder of the African Diaspora Development Institute (ADDI) and former African Union Ambassador to the United States, as well as the former Nigerian presidents Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

All three of them gave inspiring speeches to the crowd.

“We have all it takes in our youth to develop Africa as any other continent in the world has been developed. This is the identification of those who will do the leading, and we are encouraging and mentoring them to do the needful,” Chief Olusegun Obasanjo said.

Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao highlighted Africa’s importance to the world.

“The world will not move without Africa. We are the richest continent in the world. To the young leaders of Africa, we must all come together and unite and demand a world that is free, fair and just,” she stated.

Pastor Chris celebrates young leaders at FALA

During the New Year’s Eve Service, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome also held the Future Africa Leaders’ Awards (FALA).

The event was organized by the Future Africa Leaders’ Foundation (FALF) and was initiated to celebrate young African leaders who had made an impact on their local communites over the past year.

By rewarding the young leaders, the Future Africa Leaders’ Foundation hopes to inspire other Africans to take lead and make positive changes in their communities.

Prisca Torboal from Chad, Anna Maneno Michael Milla from South Sudan, Isaac Bitrus from Nigeria, Emmanuel Gyan from Ghana, Manzi Guevara from Rwanda, Deo-Gratis Meyou from Benin, Kibaba Hillary from Kenya, Zulu Destiny from Zambia and Aguidi Cesar from Togo were each given $10,000 for their contributions in 2021.

23-year-old Nervis Nzometiah Tetsop from Cameroon became the Star Award Winner and was given $25,000 to help him achieve his future goals of impacting even more people in his community.

Nervis Nzometiah Tetsop got the award for his work as a community builder and a technology innovator.

He has held multiple seminars and workshops on career orientation and opportunities in information technology for about 3000 people.

Star Award Winner: “Our mission is to empower all the people in the community”

Nervis Nzometiah Tetsop also won the ICT Project of the Year with his 3D printer at the ICT Innovation Week in Cameroon.

Nervis Nzometiah Tetsop studied robotic engineering and often needed a 3D printer for presentations of school projects. Therefore, he decided to make his own.

The young leader also created the Nervtek Community, where he educates youngsters on digital skills such as computer programming and hardware development.

“Our mission is to empower all the people in the community with digital skills that will fit into the latest trends and help build our communities. What I do is not by might but by the vision that God has planted in me. My vision is to develop my community by using technology. I aim at promoting other young people by teaching them skills that will help them in the future,” he said.

The young leader followed in the footsteps of Gwei Michael Wawa who was named the Star Prize Winner in 2020.

Gwei Michael Wawa founded the non-governmental organization Youth Empowerment Through Science and Technology, which held over 30 conferences and 10 seminars for 18,000 African youths throughout 2020.

He also hosted a trade fair with the College of Technology, where professors of technology and engineering departments of various universities were invited as judges.

They reviewed innovations by several young Africans.

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