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Published on December 28th, 2020 | by Alberto Krinsky


Pastor Chris at Christmas Eve Service: “There would be no salvation without Jesus”

Lots of people were gathered in Lagos, Nigeria on December 24th, as Pastor Chris Oyakhilome hosted his annual Christmas Eve Service.

During the five-hour-long show, several pastors from the Christ Embassy Ministry spoke about the gospel and the Year of Perfection that the LoveWorld Nation is saying goodbye to in just a few days.

Between the speeches were a number of musical performances by some of the talented singers from the LoveWorld Music Ministry, and about halfway through the Christmas Eve Service, Pastor Chris made his first appearance.

“You know, in Heaven, they are not quite excited about the birth of Jesus like we are excited here… December 25th is not a celebration day in Heaven. The celebration day in Heaven is the day when Jesus is born in the heart of a man,” he explained, as he entered the stage to a cheering crowd.

“That is what brings joy to God. That is what brings joy to Heaven, and our celebration is about the birth of the one that makes that joy possible. So, we are glad about the birth of Jesus for without him, there would be no salvation for anyone,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome continued.

“He made salvation possible. He made it possible that God would live in a human heart. Lift your hands and thank Him. Thank Him for his grace, thank Him for His love, thank Him for his kindness for there is none like Him,” the man of God said.


Christmas celebrations around the world

Christmas is a Christian holiday, celebrated on December 24th or December 25th, depending on where you are in the world.

In the United States and the United Kingdom, for instance, Christmas is held on December 25th, while most European countries celebrate the festivities on December 24th.

It is custom to put a real or a plastic Christmas tree in your living room, decorate it and put presents to family members underneath the tree.

In many European countries, people hold hands and walk or dance around the Christmas tree on the evening of December 24th while they sing Christmas songs. Afterward, the presents are unwrapped.

In the United States and the United Kingdom, this tradition primarily takes place on December 25th in the morning.


Jesus – the savior

Christians around the world have many different Christmas traditions, but all of them celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

According to the gospel, Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born by Virgin Mary in Bethlehem. A big, shining star appeared in the sky above Bethlehem after the birth, and that is why many people put a star on top of their Christmas trees.

Throughout his life, Jesus performed miracles by healing the sick and walking on water, for instance, but he got in trouble with the Romans when he claimed to be the son of God.

The Romans decided to crucify him because of his claims, and three days after his death, Jesus was resurrected from his grave.

Jesus’ death and resurrection are commemorated in the spring.

If you did not watch Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Christmas Eve Service, you can do so below.

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