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Published on December 26th, 2021 | by Alberto Krinsky


Pastor Chris at Christmas Eve Service: “It is time to do things that truly matter”

In keeping with tradition, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome hosted his annual Christmas Eve Service on Friday, December 24th from the LoveWorld Crusade Grounds in Nigeria.

While some were lucky enough to get inside the studio, believers from all over the world tuned in to watch the service online on the various LoveWorld platforms.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his ministry celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ with prayers and lots of singing and dancing.

During the service, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome talked about finding meaning in God.

“The day has come to change the songs because Christ is coming soon. All the meaningless things in the house of God… It is time to drop them and do things that truly matter,” he said and continued.

“It is about time. Every Christmas, in churches all around the world, people get up to sing songs that have no meanings. They do not care. They never thought about it. They hallow the day and hallow the night and do not remember the one whose name is truly to be hallowed.”

Pastor Chris: “The spirit is not there”

The LoveWorld president went on to talk about meaninglessness in Christmas songs.

“Silent night, holy night, but they forget the one who is truly holy. For so long. And that will help you understand why there was so much dryness in many churches. People come to church and go back the same. Most never understood why. The excitement would not produce life. Sometimes you can shout and get people excited, but the spirit is not there. It makes no difference,” he explained.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome then encouraged his congregation to know the word of God.

Christmas is not celebrated in Heaven

At the 2020 Christmas Eve Service, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome talked about how Christmas is not a celebration day in Heaven.

“You know, in Heaven, they are not quite excited about the birth of Jesus like we are excited here… December 25th is not a celebration day in Heaven. The celebration day in Heaven is the day when Jesus is born in the heart of a man,” he explained.

“That is what brings joy to God. That is what brings joy to Heaven, and our celebration is about the birth of the one that makes that joy possible. So, we are glad about the birth of Jesus for without him, there would be no salvation for anyone,” the pastor added.

Later on, the LoveWorld president thanked Jesus Christ.

“He made salvation possible. He made it possible that God would live in a human heart. Lift your hands and thank Him. Thank Him for his grace, thank Him for His love, thank Him for his kindness for there is none like Him,” the pastor stated.

LoveWorld’s New Year’s Eve Service coming up

On Friday, December 31st, the LoveWorld congregation will see Pastor Chris Oyakhilome again when he presents his annual New Year’s Eve Service.

The event will also be broadcasted live on all LoveWorld tv channels and internet platforms.

During the service, the pastor will talk about the year that has passed and go through the themes of the year.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome names every year and each month and called 2021 the Year of Preparation.

“2021 is the Year of Preparation. In Heaven, preparation is being made, and I look… And all over the world, angels are out preparing people, helping with the word of God all over the world. I saw them working and working and working. I saw that the things around them did not matter. They were not distracted by the activities around them. They were just busy preparing people,” he said at last year’s New Year’s Eve Service.

At this year’s event, he will reveal the theme of 2022.

FALA nominees revealed

During the New Year’s Eve Service, the LoveWorld Ministry will also celebrate young African leaders at the Future Africa Leaders’ Awards (FALA).

The award show is hosted by the Future Africa Leaders’ Foundation (FALF).

With FALA, FALF aims to expand and celebrate the leadership potential in Africa. It does so by rewarding young African leaders who have made significant positive changes in their local communities over the past year.

On Sunday, December 19th, the nominees of this year’s show were announced.

They are Derrick Absalom from Tanzania, Matilda Sampong from Ghana, Jalloh Kadiatu from Sierra Leone, Marvel Mthembu from South Africa, Ngambaka Geoliver from Congo, Nzometiah Nervis Tetsop from Cameroon, Zulu Destiny from Zambia, Aguidi Cesar from Togo, Chelsea Jegede from Nigeria, Deo-Gratias MeYou from Benin, Asma Rouabhia from Tunisia, Annick Bado from Burkina Faso, Amanda Nomnqa from South Africa, Bitrus Isaac from Nigeria, Racidatou Diallo from Guinea, Felix Fomenga from Cameroon, Nyanfor Ezekiel from Liberia, Azaria Chidzungu from Malawi, Milla Anna from Sudan, Kibaba Hillary from Kenya, Serumola Evanah from Botswana, Okeke Chiedozie Gideon from Nigeria, Manzi Guevara from Rwanda, Abraham Sylvester from Nigeria, Kalilombe Bridget from Zambia, Bakaki Yusuf from Uganda, Zohou Sandrine from Togo, Finawah Emmanuel from Ghana, Prisca Torboal from Chad and Mazivanhanga Gracious Tatenda from Zimbabwe.

They will all will be given $10,000 for their work in local communities while one will be named the Star Award Winner. He or she will get $25,000.

Watch the Christmas Eve Service in the video below.

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