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Published on December 17th, 2019 | by Walter Smith


Looking Forward To The 2019 Christmas Eve Service With Pastor Chris

With the season of thanksgiving underway, LoveWorld and Christ Embassy Churches have held some of the most joyful services of the year. The edifying uplift builds in the LoveWorld global family. Under the guidance of our Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, we anticipate that this most joyous of seasons will be the most meaningful yet.

Reasons for seasons

Amazing uplift at the Thanks Giving Services all over the world

This month of ‘Blessings in Thanksgiving’ has seen some of the purest acts of worship expressing thanksgiving.  The happiness and joy are building with carol services taking place in churches, online and on the television networks.

The Christmas Eve Service with Pastor Chris will be broadcast on all LoveWorld networks. The dress code is white, gold and silver sparkles. It promises to be a time of joy, celebration, and reflection. Last year the opening carol singing was so beautiful it brought forth tears of inexplicable love. The love that is only found in Jesus Christ, our Lord, and Savior whose birth we celebrate with a pure passion.

Pastor Chris’s sermon

When Pastor Chris teaches the message is always timely. Through the scriptures, Pastor Chris has revealed that Jesus is God’s love. He asked how to do we know God’s love? It didn’t show up anywhere but in Jesus Christ. Pastor Chris illuminated the passage in 1 John 3:16 in the New International Version, which reads: “This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us.”

Angels delivering the Word.

These services will usher in many new souls into a life with Jesus Christ. There are many angels to help spread the understanding that Jesus Christ is our Savior. There is a Messenger Angel that provides daily reflections called the “Rhapsody of Realities.” It is an Angel that delivers that message to places as diverse as India, Thailand, and Venezuela benefitting from the teachings of Pastor Chris we know that Christmas will be more meaningful for it.

One such Rhapsody message reminds us that with the birth of Jesus Christ the Word of God has flesh. Pastor Chris brings the quote from John 1:14. ” How awesome this is! Jesus, the Word, the ancient of days, became flesh and dwelt among us; that’s Christmas! I can imagine how awe-stricken the people were to see Jesus walk the streets in Bible days, full of grace and truth! The Bible says the disciples beheld His glory; He was resplendent in honor and majesty. The Word, which was, at the beginning of the ages now abides, not just with us but also in us.”

Celebrate the season with Pastor Chris

Celebrate Christmas in the Year of Lights with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

For a truly meaningful Christmas join the global family of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. The Christmas Eve Service will have harmonious hymns and soul-stirring songs of worship. It will be broadcast live on the 24th of December. As the “Year of Lights” is drawing to a close the month of December is gathering momentum. We celebrate the perfection that came into the earth in the form of Jesus Christ. We thank God for sending us his Son. Let us celebrate his birth together. Hallelujah.

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