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Published on August 14th, 2022 | by Gabriele Adbbe


Reflecting on the last 8 months of the Year of the Gathering Clouds with Pastor Chris

Time goes fast and over half of the ‘Year of the Gathering Clouds’ with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is behind us. 

Let us look back at the previous months of the year and reflect on their meanings for Chris Embassy members. 

Each year, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome announces a special theme of the year, and every month the same happens. The name of the year is revealed at the annual New Year’s Eve Services which take place on December 31st. 

The monthly themes are revealed by the Mon of God, Pastor Chris at the Global Communion Services, which take place on the first Sunday of the month. 

These themes and names are what church members eagerly await every time. It is like a small tradition that plays a big role in the life of the Christ Embassy.  

Let’s recap the year by starting with the meaning of the year 2022. Why did Pastor Chris name it the ‘Year of Gathering Clouds’? For our man of God, the clouds are gathering and 2022 is the year to fulfill their purpose.  

However, LoveWorld’s president also warned about gathering clouds of evil: unrest, wickedness, and war. They sow division in the world, and we should be cautious about them. Nevertheless, the clouds of prayers, faith, and expectations are with us, symbolizing the Holy Spirit and the rapture of the Church. 

Celebrating the months of Order. 

Traditionally, the first month to which Pastor Chris gives a name is February. In 2022, it was the Month of Order. It is time to set personal things in order, so the rest of the year will look like God planned for you. 

January highlights included new editions of “Your LoveWorld Special with Pastor Chris”. Besides, this month saw the first Praise Night event of the year. The month’s highlight was also the opening of the first bank in the LoveWorld network. 

February continued with more phases in “Your LoveWorld Special with Pastor Chris”. 

Continuing in the Year of the Gathering Clouds 

March became the Month of Higher Heights as a symbol of growth and prosperity. While announcing the theme, Pastor Chris asked church members to focus on studying God’s Word this month as it is one of the key areas that bring churchgoers to success. 

Moreover, moving to a higher position of prominence was also a keynote in March, according to Pastor Chris. 

The Month of Higher Heights opened a 2022 series of Healing Streams Live Healing Services. By making people believe the impossible, the live program hit a new record reaching out to over 6.7 billion participants around the world. The first Global Day of Prayer also took place. 

April was declared as the Month of Watching and Praying. At the Global Communion Service, Pastor Chris emphasized the importance to pray: 

“Pray always that you may be accounted worthy to skip all of these things that come upon the world. Pray always. Be a prayerful man. Be a prayerful woman. Every child of God should be prayerful.” 

April saw a new edition of Praise Night with Pastor Christ — a special celebratory service with lots of songs. This event offered a great opportunity to sing to the Lord about our love, worship, and devotion to Him as well as share His joy with others. 

Then it was time for the Month of Praise. For Christ Embassy members, it was a period to get ready for praising the Lord with more songs. May was the comeback of The Haven International Convention with Pastor Chris. As LoveWorld Ministry stated, the convent would be “an unforgettable time of revelation, illumination, and transformation by the word for every attendee.” 

Time to praise, time to meditate 

As the Month of Prayer and Unending Praise, June was full of various events. First, it was the annual International Cell Leaders Conference celebrating soul-winning exploits across the ministry. 

The most unforgettable moment of the conference was “CODE RABAH” activated by Pastor Chris. As our man of God instructed, “It’s time to multiply, enlarge and excel as we move into the next half of the year. Every cell, ministry department, and all ministry arms should determine to rabah.” 

During these dates, there were also the LoveWorld Awards which celebrate the outstanding work of LoveWorld churches and pastors for the past year. 

The third Praise Night with Pastor Chris in 2022 concluded the ICLC at its peak. Three big events made June truly the month of celebration, glorifying God, and rapture. 

July became the Month of Joy, and it saw more divine miracles of healing. In the middle of the month, there was a new edition of “Your LoveWorld Specials”. In the last days of July, Healing Streams Live Healing Services took place. The March live program gathered a record 6.7 billion participants, but July saw even bigger numbers. The total amount of Healing Streams Live attendees was 7 billion. 

What to expect from August? Pastor Chris announced that it would be the Month of Meditation. LoveWorld members should devote August to meditating on the Bible. 

There is something common between August and March. Everything that we do during these thirty days will define our success in the future. The man of God elaborates: 

“You are about to spread abroad; make such advancement that cannot be denied; make such progress in your life that cannot be denied.” 

August will welcome season 6 and phase 1 in “Your LoveWorld Specials”. It takes place tomorrow, August 15th, and lasts for five days. 

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