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Lesotho ISM Conference Has Altered The Path Of The Nation

The chairman of the organizing committee, Esteemed Pastor John Mosepele, welcomed over 1,000 ministers of the gospel to the epochal ISM Ministers’ National Conference, Lesotho. In his inspiring welcoming address, Pastor John Mosepele gave his unreserved appreciation to the man of God, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome DSc D.D., and the esteemed Director of the ISM, Pastor Deola Phillips, for the opportunity to organize the ISM Ministers’ National Conference, Lesotho!

The chairman encouraged the ministers to participate in every lecture of the Conference and avoid distractions. He also urged them to make adequate plans to attend the upcoming World Evangelism Conference with Pastor Chris, due to be held in Cape Town, South Africa later in the year. That was indeed an extraordinary Conference, with lives transformed and ministries impacted for global impact.

The Importance Of Soulwinning and Evangelism

The first Super Session at the ISM Lesotho Conference was on ”The Importance of Soulwinning and Evangelism,” delivered by Bishop Khauta Faku of ‘Fill the Gap Ministries’, Ficksburg, South Africa. The session was a special time of refueling and fanning the passion and zeal of the ministers for relentless soul-winning and evangelism. In his teaching, Bishop Khauta Faku called on the ministers to shine as lights in this world through soul-winning. He said, “as ministers of the Gospel, we are the light of the world and should let our lights so shine by winning others to Christ.”

Walk in the unity of faith

Praying for soul winning at the ISM

Archbishop Michael Kolisang urged delegates to walk in the unity of the faith, during his spirit-stirring supersession. The ISM Lesotho Conference continued with another Super Session on ”The Unity of the Church,” handled by the esteemed Archbishop Michael Kolisang of Fill the Gap Ministries, Lesotho. Archbishop Michael Kolisang thanked the Man of God, Pastor Chris, for his love for ministers of God in Lesotho. He also affirmed that the ISM Lesotho Conference is the first time that Senior Pastors and Founders of ministries in Lesotho agreed to come together for the sake of the Gospel and testified that Lesotho will never be the same again after the Conference.

He further fortified the ministers to always walk in love and live in unity. In doing so you will not give the devil a chance to plant hatred and stir up wickedness. This would hinder the advancement of the Gospel in Lesotho. ” The devil rejoices in our separation and hates unity. As ministers of the Gospel in Lesotho, we ought to work together as one, because the ministry of one minister is also that of the other. After all, we all form part of one body – Christ.”

Plenary sessions

There was an uplifting time of fellowship with the Word at the plenary sessions of the ISM Ministers’ National Conference. The plenary sessions had teachings on two inspiring topics; ”End-Time Strategies for Soul Winning and Evangelism” and ”Impacting your World through Prayer,” the esteemed Zonal Pastor of Christ Embassy EWCA Zone 4, Pastor Akin Oketunji. He shared some Biblical strategies for effective soul-winning and made important points on prayers.

A moment of unity that stirs the emotions of all the delegates

”Prayer should be consistent and heartfelt. If we spend more time in prayer, we will change our world!” Pastor Akin further requested the ministers to pray for the unity of the Church in Lesotho and the great work that has begun.

To conclude the proceedings he led the ministers in a session of heartfelt Intercessory prayer for the spread of the Gospel in all the cities and villages in Lesotho. The memorable conference came to a glorious close as Church Founders, Senior Pastors, Archbishops and ministers of the Gospel forgave each other for the past wrongdoings. It was a glorious sight to behold as the love overflowed. Lesotho will never be the same. Glory to God.

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