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Published on June 20th, 2022 | by Gabriele Adbbe


Join Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris this Friday!

Only four days to go until we congregate and glory our God. This weekend, June the 24th–25th, 2022, we meet each other on the tenth-anniversary edition of the Global Day of Prayer. The host of the event will be our man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

The Global Day of Prayer will be the second one this year and the last major ceremony in June, the ‘Month of Prayer and Unending Praise’.

The twenty-four-hour marathon of prayer will start at 6:00 PM (GMT +1). The broadcast of the Global Day of Prayer will be available literally everywhere:

  • on all LoveWorld Networks.
  • on a CeFlix App.
  • on a Live TV App,
  • on major satellite television & terrestrial stations,
  • on radio,
  • on all Social Media Platforms.

We will pray, worship, and continue making a vital impact on the nations, following our Man of God Pastor Chris. Our main goal is to spread the word everywhere, be joined by other people, and set up prayer centers around the world.

Be sure not to miss the massive historical event. Celebrate the Global Day of Prayer with the whole LoveWorld family!

Marking two years since the inception of the Global Day of Prayer

Because of prayer, we were able to change the course of the nations of the world. What the devil had planned was to destroy so many lives, but that has failed, but we have to keep the powers of darkness in check through prayer — Chris Oyakhilome.

The upcoming Global Day of Prayer is special as it is happening for the tenth time since its inception in March of 2020. This initiative from Pastor Chris came in the hard times when people needed it the most. Early 2020 was marred by the coronavirus pandemic that has spread across the world and taken millions of lives away.

Nowadays, we are bombarded by bad news 24/7 as we are exposed to it everywhere. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of distressing reports was tremendous. Fear was infused everywhere you turned. It was no surprise that people panicked and decided to do everything that the government said. They had hoped that this would offer a solution.

The world has never known this cowardice. Hold up in homes for fear of death. It’s unbelievable! But this actually happened in the world. It’s unbelievable! What we have known is men rise not to conquer, not running in fear, but the change has come — Pastor Chris about the lockdown in early 2020.

Pastor Chris initiated the idea to gather people and pray the whole night for the better future of all nations.

We take back our cities, our streets, our churches, our schools, our offices — we take them back in the name of Jesus Christ! — Pastor Chris.

Pastor Chris was not alone with his plan — the Lord came to him and told him how to pray. This is how the first Day of Global Prayer was set up on the March of 27th, 2020.

Get ready for this Friday with Pastor Chris

The Change has come.

The night between the upcoming Friday and Saturday will resemble an avalanche of the Word, prayers, Unending Praise, prophecies, and miracles. In this epochal event, we expect to hit the record when over 5.3 billion participants attended the previous Global Day of Prayer. We are expecting to be joined by people worldwide and we are waiting for you.

To ensure that you do not miss this special event, no matter where in the world you will be joining us from, here are the global times for this epic event which will bring the ‘Month of Prayer and Unending Praise’ almost to an end:

  • 6 PM (GMT+1)
  • 7 PM (GMT+2)
  • 12 PM (CST)
  • 10 AM (PST)
  • 1 PM (EST)


Pastor Chris taught us in a recent Rhapsody of Realities: “God’s purpose is that you’re big enough to help others.” Why not prove it to God and serve the Church? You have a unique chance to give a seed to reach seven billion people thanks to the Global Day of Prayer! Spread the Word with the global distribution of the Christ Embassy live programs and make a change! Various subscription options are available.

Join the LoveWorld family on Friday. God will be counting on you this night!

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