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International Day Of The Bible: A Day To Celebrate The Most Popular Book In The World

It has been called the Book of the Law, the Gospel, The Holy Scripture, the Message of Christ, Sword of the Spirit and the Truth. To the billions of people on the planet, we simply refer to it as the Bible. It is a book worth celebration. On Sunday 24th of November, we are being asked to thank the Bible for its blessings.

There are many devoted Christians around the globe who read the Bible daily. There are many versions of the bible from the King James Version to the New International Version and each is a beautiful read. Whatever version you choose you should enjoy it when you use it. It should be used to celebrate the blessings of your life. It is also a comfort to those who need it in times of hardship.

The best Bible in the world

It is a challenging text, but its universal truth can lead its readers to bliss and glory. Some would say that it needs further elucidation. The perfect solution is a ‘Messenger Angel’. It can be bought as a hard copy or it can be sent to your phone as daily messages. This Bible is called “Rhapsody of Realities”. It is written by Reverend Dr. Chris Oyakhilome, the founder of Christ Embassy Church.

You err because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God

The above quote from Mathew 22:29 has so much power and truth.  However, if you read the world number one daily devotional you will have the word of God revealed to you by the Man of God. Rhapsody of realities is available in an astonishing 1800 languages, so it is the most relevant Bible in the world. The best way to receive the word of God is to hear it in your own language.

With prayer sections, explanations and further readings this Bible is a teaching and learning tool like no other. There are times of affirmation and times of confession which will reveal the glories of God to you. It is great to share this experience with other people and spread the Good News of the Bible all around the world.

A Bible for everyone

A perfect gift

LoveWorld has just premiered its Bible for teens at the IPPC exhibition in Lagos, Nigeria. Teevo should be part of your family’s canon of worship. It is going to be the most popular guide for teens.

The Rhapsody Bible and You SuperUser on Kingschat is calling to further the outreach of the Bible. On Sunday 24th November join in and ‘let’s celebrate the relevance of the Bible everywhere. Send the Bible to the millions of people in prison and refugee and IDP camps.’ Everyone has the right to hear from God and the Rhapsody of Realities is the consummate Bible.

There is a reach-out campaign that accompanies the Rhapsody of Realities. If you would like to sign up for an online prayer conference kindly click here. This will help you further your evangelism by using the Rhapsody of Realities to win souls.

With timely messages for everyone spread the word of the Gospel. Perhaps take part in distributing Rhapsody of Realities. Most importantly talk about why you love the Bible so much on International Bible Day.

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