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Published on December 8th, 2019 | by Walter Smith


In Search For The Ultimate Treasure

The Rangers of Light is a unique game of adventure introduced this year as part of the activities marking the birthday celebration of LoveWorld President, Reverend Dr. Chris Oyakhilome. Four teams, each made up of three contestants, embarked on a mission to search for the hidden treasure to deliver to Pastor Chris. The first team to find the treasure was crowned winner will be known as the ‘Ranger of Light.’

The noble and valiant teams were:-

The Carriers of Lights featuring Pastor Louis Osademe, Bishop Chikancy and Deaconess  Oluchi Ikeokwu. They were resplendent in yellow.

In orange were the Guardians of Lights. This team had Pastor Niyi Moyede, Brother Yinka Olawoye, and Rozey.

The winning team talking to an assistant

This year’s appropriately named Champions of Lights were Pastor Segun Adebayo, Deacon. Buchi and Jahdiel. They wore their blue shirts happily.

Finally, the Protectors of Lights in red were Pastor Akin Oketunji, Testimony Jaga and Sister Kenny Okeunowo. These noble shields were aiming to look after the task in hand.

What were the rules of the game?

The number one rule was to have fun and celebrate the birthday of the Man of God Pastor Chris. Some of the finest ministers of the Gospel were assembled to have fun in his honor.

They had to find clues that formed a word. They must find five treasures before they could find the ‘ultimate prize’. Teams had their own territories in which to search for their own five words. These will lead the team to the treasure box. The clues are designed to help find that elusive prize.

The mystery box must not be opened until all five clues are shown to ‘the assistant’. Each team selected a bag that led them to the terrain they were searching in. All the materials to solve the puzzles were held within that bag.

Many people enjoyed the fun.

Pastor Benny Hinn was there witnessing the fun. Pastor Dan Willis, who was promised Jollof rice, was in attendance. He was even offered enough to take to the USA. Bishop James Payne was watching too. Many people had traveled from far and wide as part of the celebrations for the Birthday of our dear Man of God Pastor Chris. It was screened live on Ceflix too.

Once they opened their bags the teams had to work together to interpret the clues. There were torches and bottles of water in the bags and of course Rhapsody of Realities. The ink mark on the favorite daily devotional was helpful in unraveling the mysteries. The puzzles were compounded by the enclosed scrabble letters. What was the eight-letter word?

What was the clue?

The groups worked hard together. It was a wonderful night and all the groups had such fun. The first clue was in ‘Rhapsody of Realities’. This delighted everyone. “It said go and we went,” the contestants quipped. This game is a metaphor for life. Furthering the analogy, it was said, I want to ” Deliver the globe to my Pastor.  It is representative of my life. It was a prophetic moment. ”

Lessons taken from the game

The Rangers of the Light on stage

Champions of Lights found three clues, Bishop Chikancy of Carriers of Lights wished he was mingling with Pastor Niyi and Testimony said he let his sister Rozney win because he won big at LIMA. Guardians of Lights prevailed, and in record time too. They presented the globe of victory so joyfully.

What was learned was, “As you listen to Pastor Chris you receive revelation after revelation just like one clue leads you to another. You go step by step to the streets, into the city and win. You even find clues in the Rhapsody of Realities.’ They had much fun in delivering the ultimate prize to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. What a happy birthday Pastor Chris is having.

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