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Published on June 30th, 2020 | by Alberto Krinsky


Global Communion Service happening this Sunday

As June comes to an end, so does the Month of Prayer in the LoveWorld community. A new month is approaching us, and the theme of it will be announced by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome during his monthly Global Communion Sunday this Sunday, July 5th. You can stream the event live at 4 PM GMT+1 on all LoveWorld networks.

When Pastor Chris declared June the Month of Prayer, he did it with these words.

“It is the month of prayer, but we are already in a year of prayer, really. We are praying every 15th minute segment of every hour of every day. We started in January and we are going to do that until the end of the year. And I have said several times, thank God that we started it. What might have happened without prayer?” Chris Oyakhilome asked during June’s Global Communion Service.

The Christ Embassy leader then went on to talk about extra praying in June.

“Since we usually do some extra praying for the month of June, we are going to be doing extra praying for this month of June. So, what we are going to do, along with the 15-minute segments that we already have distributed, we will have an hour of prayer. For a lot of you, twice in the month, that means just two hours in all of the remaining days of the month of June. That is very small,” he added.

Global Communion Service

The Global Communion Service can be streamed on all LoveWorld networks.

Been praying since March

June certainly did come with extra prayers, as Chris Oyakhilome stated it would. His “Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris” prayer weeks continued through June, and a new week is set to begin tomorrow, July 1st to July 5th.

Additionally, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome added a Global Day of Prayer on Friday, June 26th, where he prayed against the Coronavirus, which has claimed more than half a million lives worldwide so far.

The daily sermons with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome started on March 27th, when he and Pastor Benny Hinn did their first Global Day of Prayer against the COVID-19 pandemic.

An estimated 3 billion people tuned in for the broadcast, and since then, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been praying almost non-stop.

Pastor Chris

The new “Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris” will run from Wednesday, July 1st until Sunday, July 5th.

Helping people in need

Throughout the Month of Prayer, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has also answered the prayers of thousands of people in need.

He has been donating food relief packages and books to people and pastors who have been further impoverished by the ongoing pandemic across 16 countries, including Nigeria, the UK and Canada.

So far, more than 6000 pastors have received help. The exact number of non-clerical beneficiaries is unknown.

You can be a part of the emergency relief today and contribute to the ongoing miracles by visiting //  and nominating a pastor or minister who would receive an emergency relief pack. Also, to sponsor this initiative, you can send an email to for more details.

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