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Finance Convention with Pastor Chris

The 3rd of September marked the beginning of this glorious and impactful event. Held by the man of God, Pastor Chris, The Finance Convention will take place in the LoveWorld arena in Lekki-Lagos Nigeria from Monday September 3rd to Wednesday September 5th.
This 2-day convention will inspire its soul-winning attendees with wise lessons in the world of finance and business. In this an annual convention, the man of God teaches “financial principles, according to the word of God, to a teeming audience of those who would apply God’s principles for finances, to ensure that the gospel of Jesus Christ prevails all over the world.”

Navigating the world of finance can be a challenging one. In order to truly succeed, one must understand the secret to how “we focus our mind”.  Problems come in life but don’t fear it; be prepared to solve it. What we focus our mind on, will control our thoughts.”

The conference will be full of helpful insights on how to conduct ourselves in the world of finance. “What you expect is what you are likely to get”. He continued to say, “if you attend a prayer meeting, what you expect is answers. When you attend a healing meeting, you expect people to be healed. This is a finance convention and it will be a great blessing for now and the future.”

Over the course of two days, Pastor Chris will impart his knowledge on the art of “wealth creation”. The man of God explains, “create and make are two different words. To create (Gen. 1 verse 27) means to make something out of nothing, while to ‘make’ is to bring into shape something from “pre-existing substance.” When God created man, he was a spiritual being until he formed him into shape from pre-existing things.”

The pastor tells us how these two things differ from each other. Each ability has their own value, but understanding the difference and the message that we can take from each can be of great service to us, especially in business and finance.

Last year’s momentous convention was so immensely successful that the demand doubled, making this now highly anticipated event. The pastor himself commented on the response from last year and expressed the significant impact it had on the attendees “Last year’s exercise was very impactful, as we saved lives and caused tremendous increase in the body of Christ, and in our individual churches. This year we are taking it to an even greater dimension; Your personal participation is of immense value.” This just goes to show the power and impact of prayer.  Thousands of potential souls to be inspired, saved, and transformed. Blessed be the Divine Spirit and his impact on every facet of our lives!

Keep up to date on this exclusive event by following Pastor Chris through his Pastor Chris Live account on Kingschat app.

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