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InnerCity Mission’s Family Support Program Says Farewell to Graduating Class and Welcomes 500 New Families!

This weekend wrapped up the latest and most recent term of InnerCity Mission’s Family Support Program. The InnerCity Mission, which operates as a Nongovernmental Organization (NGO) and is supported by the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International, began to recognize a great need for many families and decided to extend the hand of God and help these indigent people.

This yielded the new Family Support Program. This family welfare program is specifically designated to give assistance to families unable to provide for their own children. Children most commonly end up growing up in the streets as they are left to fend for their own survival when the parents have no means to fight for their behalf. By strengthening the family, the natural development and health of the child is least compromised.

The Family Support Program is joined by two additional welfare focuses. The Food Assistance Scheme and the Family Adoption Scheme both provide the most vital and necessary needs of the families in need of the most support. In addition to the difficulties faced in providing food for your family, there is only so much medical care the government can provide for the families before the doctors begin strikes against this. In many ways, the Family Support Program fills the gaps that often make or break the success stories we hear of people turning their lives from hopeless to hopeful.

May 23rd marked both the graduation and the induction ceremonies for the families working with the Family Support Program. Everyone came together for a beautiful celebration while the graduating families were released, and the incoming families were warmly received; all were greatly encouraged and uplifted.

During the program, each household head of the applicable families will partake in the empowerment training, so they will feel confident and believe they are ready to receive the grants and begin a successful small business to further support their family and communities. Thanks to the generous love of Pastor Chris, sustained intervention is possible, and lives are being transformed by it.

2017 Beneficiaries receiving skill training

For the 2018-2019 year, a total of 258 beneficiaries of the Family Support Program graduated, while an outstanding number of 500 beneficiary families were inducted into the program for the next year (2019-2020). This the largest group the program has ever seen, and it is all thanks to the man of God and life mentor, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. If not for Pastor Chris, the needs would never be connected to the resources. If not for God, there would be no resources at all.



Along with food supplies and empowerment training, every beneficiary received copies of Rhapsody of Realities for their family. According to the InnerCity Mission, the Word of God is the right tool for family sustainability. The Bible for All Mission proudly blessed these families with the power and knowledge of the Word of God, through the Rhapsody of Realities devotional study bible. The families were reminded that we can face all of our trials with the Word of God, believing that He wants and desires greater things for us.

The closing exhortations of the ceremony were given by the highly esteemed Pastor Omoh Alabi. Pastor Ohmo kindly blessed the graduating class with the following words: “We send you forth with the blessings of God so that through you, others in need would shine.”

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