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Published on December 1st, 2021 | by Alberto Krinsky


Don’t miss it: All the Pastor Chris events of December

The last month of the Year of Preparation has begun, and the LoveWorld president, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has a lot on his plate in December.

The first event is the Global Day of Prayer on Friday, December 3rd. The prayer day continues into Saturday, December 4th and is the fourth of its kind in 2021.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome initiated Global Days of Prayer in March 2020, where he prayed against the coronavirus.

Billions of people have tuned in for the prayer events, and that is expected to happen this week too.

“Remember, it is so important that we pray. Never let off from prayer. So, we must pray. All of us all over the world. In fact, we should fast on the 3rd and 4th of December,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said when he presented the Global Day of Prayer.

“We will fast and pray because wickedness plans for the end of the year, and so, we will not give them a chance. The demons of darkness usually plan for the end of the year, but on the 3rd and 4th of December, all of us will fast and pray,” he added.

The end of Pastor Chris’ Year of Preparation

Already the day after the Global Day of Prayer ends, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is back on the LoveWorld stage for the monthly Global Communion Service.

Every year and every month get special names in the LoveWorld community, so the pastor is about to name the last month of the Year of Preparation.

So far, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has taken the community through January – the Month of Celebration, February – the Month of Grace, March – the Month of Change, April – the Month of Truth, May – the Month of Illumination, June – the Month of Prayer, July – the Month of Joy, August – the Month of Praise, September – the Month of Visualization, October – the Month of Visualization and November – the Month to Watch and Pray.

“This month of November is a special month for you. You will walk in manyfold blessings. No evil shall before you. The Lord is your protection, your protector, your strength and strengthener, your salvation everywhere you go,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said at the Global Communion Service in November.

“Glory is at work in you. You walk in wisdom in the name of the Lord Jesus. You would know what to do at every point. You have solution because you are a solution in the name of the Lord Jesus. You are the glory of Christ,” he continued.

Celebrating Pastor Chris and African leaders

On Tuesday, December 7th, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome celebrates his 58th birthday.

The official plans have not been revealed yet, but big celebrations are expected.

In previous years, LoveWorld believers have taken to social media to congratulate Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in the days leading up to his birthday.

On Friday, December 24th, he presents his annual Christmas Eve Service, where he is expected to not only talk about Jesus but also the Year of Preparation, which is coming to an end.

He will do so again on Friday, December 31st at the New Year’s Eve Service, where the Future Africa Leaders’ Awards (FALA) is set to take place.

The award show is hosted by the Future Africa Leaders’ Foundation (FALF), which explains the Future Africa Leaders’ Awards in the following way:

“The Future Africa Leaders’ Foundation is an initiative aimed at exploring and expanding the leadership potentials in Africa and for Africa. It is for identifying, celebrating and supporting young Africans who have demonstrated exemplary leadership by impacting their generation positively through education, youth empowerment and mentoring through other projects aimed at building young people and preparing them for a positive future.”

$25,000 for the Star Award Winner

At last year’s Future Africa Leaders’ Awards, 30 persons from 20 African countries were given $10,000 for their work in their local communities.

Gwei Michael Wawa took home the big prize of $25,000 and was named the Star Award Winner.

He founded the non-governmental organization ‘Youth Empowerment Through Science and Technology,’ which had held 34 conferences and 14 seminars for 18,000 youngsters.

Gwei Michael Wawa also organized a technological trade fair with the College of Technology. At the fair, professors from the technology and engineering fields of multiple universities were invited to be judges. They reviewed and rewarded more than 15 new inventions.

The young leader also organized a Teck Community Challenge, where 200 students from Cameroon showcased their skills through the design and implementation of novel hardware smart dustbins, a metal detector, automatic temperature/humidity regulator, soil moisture detector sensor and a robotic arm.

Three winners received prizes valued at more than $1,000 each.


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