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Continued Prayers Will Yield Positive Results

The Healing School Autumn Session with Pastor Chris in Johannesburg, South Africa, has been suspended. The studying and expectations were high. Many testimonies to miracles have already occurred and the spirit of God has been felt and manifested amongst those who have let the spirit of God into their lives.

The glorious session whose first Healing Service was due to be held just a few days ago had to be suspended for obvious reasons. In an official statement released on the Healing School website, the organizers explained that the suspension resulted from the recent global events relating to the spread of the Coronavirus which have created travel restrictions and affected protocols for large gatherings of people.

Many come to the Healing School and are healed by the touch of Pastor Chris

They expressed regret for inconveniences caused by the postponement and encouraged the students and the body of Christ globally, to continue to pray and monitor the situation closely. They will announce new dates for the session as soon as possible.

Cyber Church

The Healing School website contains many resources to help us through these uncertain times. The Healing School Cyber Church reaches out with the purpose to bring many into the glorious life in Christ, through various programs and projects. It is more than an online gathering of Christians.

Over the years, this online platform has helped Christians around the world in fellowship with God’s Spirit and with one another. This has been achieved through inspiring and collaborative services that are specially designed for growth and development in God’s Word.

Testimonies from Cyber Church

Santo André is a region which is located in São Paulo. The residents of this region experienced great joy when the Healing School Cyber Church, through Pra Lee, reached out to them with the Gospel of Christ.

Several gave their hearts to Christ and joy filled the hearts of all who were reached. They are now taking this healing and the message of salvation to all those in their social groups. Glory to God.

Find uplifting testimonies to inspire

The Healing School Cyber Church holds online services every Sunday. During this period, members of the Cyber Church connect to live services through their devices wherever they are. The Cyber Church brings the divine presence of God directly to your hand in any location.

The Sunday morning services are between 17:00 GMT +1. Other services, meetings, and training will be advertised on the events page. Please visit the events page for updates on upcoming events.

To be part of the Healing School Cyber Church, simply register as a member by clicking on the register button and complete the signup form. Once you have done so please login and update your profile to become a verified member.

All members of the Healing School Cyber Church are granted access to Christian study materials such as videos, podcasts, magazines. Also, you will be able to attend live online services and training. The Cyber Church will help you grow in Christ.

Sharing testimonies to healing builds faith

Read, watch and be uplifted by the testimonies

Download the Healing School magazine and read the testimonies of healing that have occurred. This insightful and uplifting publication has many articles on health-related topics. There are also beautiful testimonies to healing to stir your soul.

Watch the ‘Atmosphere for Miracles’ program and be encouraged by the healing testimonies. There are many opportunities to pray, meditate and reflect on the current issues facing the world right now. Pray for global healing today.

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