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Published on November 13th, 2019 | by Alberto Krinsky


A Celebration of Miracles: Healing School Exhibition And Awards At IPPC 2019

There were illumination and inspiration at the Healing School Exhibition at the IPPC 2019. It was held at the Convocation Arena. Lagos Arena and it is affectionately known as the “Arena of Lights”. A perfect name for the arena in this the ‘Year Of Lights’.

This is a showcase of the healing ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. The multidimensional ministry has had a profound and positive effect on millions of lives worldwide. This exhibition is an expression of the praiseworthy accomplishments in God’s Kingdom.

Delegates listening to the captivating work of the Healing School during the LoveWorld Exhibition at IPPC 2019

What is Healing School?

Visiting the 2019 Healing School exhibition at the IPPC  you will receive motivation to further effect impact in faith. The Healing School celebrates their incredible achievements together at the IPPC. Healing School is a global ministry and takes place in places as diverse as Johannesburg and Toronto.

The testimonies of the miracles of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome are truly soul-stirring. One audio confession stated:- “I live in absolute victory over sickness, disease, and poverty today and always! No weapon of darkness fashioned against me shall prosper because I live in the Name of Jesus! I’ve been delivered from sin, sickness, and death, and catapulted into God’s realm of life where I reign victoriously with Christ every day. Praise the Lord!”

Honoring the marvelous contributions of all the workers

These amazing accomplishments need to be honored and celebrated. Not only in the exhibition but with an award ceremony. The Healing School Awards celebrate the heroes who championed healing to the nations in this Year of Lights.

The glorious achievements of the Healing School are recognized at the Awards Ceremony during IPPC 2019


Everyone who was honored with an award left the stage with a huge sense of uplift and joy. These awards are for those amazing partners who have put smiles on millions of faces across the globe.  Healing School is a celebration of the supernatural and Divine Presence that is brought to each session. In every meeting, thousands gather and together they are taught the lessons of God in the Gospel.  They stand together and pray for salvation. Then participants can receive their healing and miracles. This creates an inspired atmosphere of faith where the Holy Divine Spirit is brought to the Healing School session.

In such an event we head from one participant that:- “the Word of God is working in me. The law of the Spirit of life is working in me; therefore, everything about me is full of life! There is no death in any area of my life or in my body. I am living the good life God has planned ahead of time for me to live: a life of divine health, success, and victory. Hallelujah!”

Dubbed “faiths hall of fame” The Healing School awards celebrate the unrelenting partners who brought healing to the nations. They have provided leadership and gave direction to people who wanted to embrace the miracles of Healing School. Their faith in Jesus Christ empowered many to fulfill God’s purpose in their lives.

This event was a truly enlightening celebration of the Healing School partners.

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